GIRLY HACKS TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL || How To Become Most Popular Girl At School By 123 GO Like!

GIRLY HACKS TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL || How To Become Most Popular Girl At School By 123 GO Like!

Ah, nerdy girl alert look at those specks. Can you see me now they're, making fun of us? Aren'T they one two, three, a little nose tickle for you, . This feels way better right: holy smokes, hey! Ladies? What do you say we go cruising in my new car? Wait! It'S right outside whatever in this move and this move yeah, that's right! Uh! What is she doing? Hey, stop what you're doing and move over what you're doing is not good.

You need a different kind of video. Okay, you ready to do this. Come on touch my finger, whoa! There we go much better. Now we're ready to tackle the day can't see my phone better grab my glasses. Oh, it turned out great. Thank you! So much no problem, that's what i'm here for. Oh, my gosh check this out seriously. Look at this tick, tock they're, watching my video. It'S got so many lights. Now too guess i finally found something i'm good at yeah. It'S actually pretty impressive. Just got ta make a stop at my locker, oh he's just so cute. Bye, bye, i'll, see you later cutie. Oh my gosh he's right. There hi, he didn't even notice me. It'S just not fair! Oh, is she crying over there? She is. I wonder if there's something i can do, i know she has a huge crush on jared.

You know what i'll go talk to her hey. Are you crying because of jared ? Look. I think i can help you catch his eye. That'S right, Take my bangle and do exactly what i tell you. Okay, i can do that. Oh, i really hope this works, , all right. First, i've got ta, take off my button-down shirt and then she said i need to put it on backwards. Okay, i've done that now, it's time for the bangle. This part might be a bit tricky. I'Ve got to grab the two ends behind me and put them through. Then i've got ta, pull until it's nice and tight. Now i've got to button the ends in the front and i'll just fold it under. So it can't be seen perfect now to take off my glasses and let down my hair . Okay, i think i'm ready to show off my new look whoa, who the heck is that she's amazing, hey! I bought you this bear because i know you like bears what the heck, where did these guys even come from? Oh, this party looks excellent

Okay, here's my chance deep breath, hey how's it going listen to any good podcast. Lately! Oh hey! Look at that over there. Isn'T it cool what where'd she go. Oh, she ditched me that that's okay! We can try again hey good punch, huh uh! Excuse me. I have somewhere, i need to be , hi great party right. Oh sorry, i'm getting a call, and i have to take this uh. I bet it wasn't even a real call. I don't even know what i'm doing wrong ouch. Where is everyone going they're? All going to see him that doesn't even make sense what he got, that i don't uh. Oh, i see his hair okay, his wardrobe uh tattoos too. How can i compete with that, but look at how popular he is huh. What'S this a rock magazine, hey tampering tattoos no way, oh wow. These are incredible time to give them a shot.

all right, i'm ready for my tattoos, just roll my sleeve up and position the tattoo now to get it nice and wet seems to be sticking well, let's peel it up and see. If it worked whoa, it did work and it looks so real okay time to rock this party. With my new look, that's right. I'Ve got the hair, the wardrobe and the tattoos. Now, oh the tattoos there. They all are hey everyone. Okay, i mean hey. What'S up? Oh look at him out of my way. I call dibs hey what happened. Your tattoos are so cool. Well, whatever at least i've got the popcorn hey, let's take a selfie smile, , hmm, which of these shirts is better. Oh, my god, is that what you're wearing no no way you need help? What is this a headband? It'S got, ta, go hmm. What next definitely the hair and face? Let'S remove this hair tie and your glasses, some highlights and foundation will help and the right shade of eye shadow accessories are a must and now for the wardrobe go, get changed: , hmm we're not quite there Yet change again.

Yes, now that's what i'm talking about before and after what a huge glow up it didn't even take me, i mean us that much work, the hair was the easiest part too, just let it hang loose and natural. I think this is the best you've ever looked. Oh the bell time for class to start it's so hard to see anything without my glasses, wow, hey! It'S me joey! You look amazing today. Can i get your number oh hold on a second, I just need a pen. I'Ve got one okay here. It is remember. Just like you asked there, that's all of it!

I think thanks i'll text you later, oh my gosh. Did that really happen, Where'S that toilet paper stuck in his shoe ew, It'S not there. I have all the bad luck got ta make sure my makeup is on. Oh, my gosh is that kate. She looks like a corpse. I have never seen that skin tone on a living person before good morning. Annie, it's nice to see you uh. I i said good morning is something wrong. Oh uh, are you kidding me kate, look at yourself but be prepared. You'Ve been warned: Oh you're right, my skin looks so pale. Have i always been so pale and i've just never noticed before yeah. Unfortunately, you have oh but you're in luck, because i can help you you'll see i'll make you look.

Amazing just need my tools of the trade i'll need this baby oil and this makeup and then i'll need this. Stick too. First things first i'll need to scrape up some of this makeup with the stick. It'S time for the next step time for the baby oil to do its magic, we'll need to take the cover off the oil and now we'll need the powder again i'll use the stick to scoop some of the powder up and then drop the powder into the Oil look: the powder is dissolving in the oil. Okay, that's enough i'll, put the cap back on now. It'S time to shake the bottle. Look. The baby oil has changed. Color, pretty okay, kate, look what i have a solution for your crisis. This will help you with your pale problem. Are you sure this will work? Trust me just put some on your skin and you'll look amazing. Well, i guess i could give it a try i'll just start with a little bit, not too much okay, and i guess the next step is