FROM NERD TO POPULAR! || How To Become Popular with 123 Go! Gold

FROM NERD TO POPULAR! || How To Become Popular with 123 Go! Gold

. Look at that fuzzy beard, that's the face of a real man hi. He noticed me a man that handsome likes me all my scarings paid off. I know for me so: sweet ! Oh i miss you too. It'S for hannah. What pass it will ya for me? Oh it's definitely for me! Oh i miss you too baby cakes, letter writing's. So romantic, okay, you can pass it back now here! Love! You! Honey bunch! Give me that this is a classroom. Okay, jimmy! You stole my kiss seriously: olivia

How are we supposed to see each other mission accomplished? I can be romantic too. You know it's my favorite time of day. I don't get why people hate homework, this one's a thinker, better, fill up on my brain food, lemon lime's, My fave. There we go , a little sugar helps too man. That'S good, . Now i need something sour come to mama. That sure hits the spot may as well dive into this bag of skittles

What olivia wants olivia gets, even if it causes a pimple or five whatever. My studies are all that matters you'd better slow down on those olivia. Oh so stinky, oh well, holy smokes, i'd, better call my dermatologist, ! Guess it's the price. I have to pay i'm never giving up on my snacks. What can i say? I love to eat, but for popular girls like hannah looks, are everything even if that means refusing the best foods sugar be gone. This lettuce should hold me over. Look how many bites. I have tastes, just like a burger look at olivia, wonder what it's like to eat, whatever you want, oh god, just focus on this delicious lettuce. At least i'm pretty. Oh science you're the best. I really do love you. Okay. Today is the day you can do it time to be brave and confess my love to kate's deep breath. Okay, excuse me, kate, oh hi, is there something i can help you with? I just um just wanted to um. Well, i brought you this flower

You brought this rose for me, really full. Thank you, you're welcome. I saw it and it made me think about you and how you like bought me. Oh my gosh. What kate is getting roses when i'm right here? Oh, that is just i can't even wait. What'S this on the bulletin board huh a flower delivery service. This could be the answer to my problem. Knock knock. I'Ve got flowers for a lucky lady in this classroom. Someone in this class is getting all these lovely roses.

These flowers are for kate. Oh, that's me Yep! These flowers are meant for you. You better go get them here. You go! Oh wow! Thank you. I'Ve never been sent flowers before they smell so good too so fragrant. Thank you. So much all in a day's work tip. Please wait tip yeah, i'm the delivery Guy delivery, but i thought you were giving me these flowers . I can't believe she thought that guy was giving her flowers well um. I think i have money somewhere. Well, it's it's not money, but maybe it will work here. You go. Sir, Are you kidding me? What is this you're tipping me in buttons? I'M so sorry, i don't have anything else.

It'S fine enjoy your flowers. I went from feeling good to feeling bad. I don't even want these flowers anymore. You should have seen the look on your face. Annie. Do you want these flowers? Wait? You want to give me your flowers. Oh now, i feel like a jerk for being so mean to her. Oh sorry, kate got ta, make sure my makeup is on. Oh, my gosh is that kate she looks like a corpse. I have never seen that skin tone on a living person before good morning. Annie, it's nice to see you uh, i said good morning is something wrong. Oh uh, are you kidding me kate, look at yourself but be prepared. You'Ve been warned. Oh you're right.

My skin looks so pale. Have i always been so pale and i've just never noticed before yeah? Unfortunately, you have oh, but you're in luck, cause i can help you you'll see i'll make you look. Amazing just need my tools of the trade i'll need this baby oil and this makeup and then i'll need this. Stick too. First things first i'll need to scrape up some of this makeup with the stick. It'S time for the next step time for the baby oil to do its magic, we'll need to take the cover off the oil and now we'll need the powder again i'll use the stick to scoop some of the powder up and then drop the powder into the Oil look: the powder is dissolving in the oil. Okay, that's enough i'll, put the cap back on now. It'S time to shake the bottle. Look. The baby oil has changed, Color, pretty kate. Look what i have a solution for your crisis.

This will help you with your pale problem. Are you sure this will work? Trust me just put some on your skin and you'll look amazing. Well, i guess i could give it a try i'll just start with a little bit, not too much okay, and i guess the next step is. I have to actually try it i'll rub it on my cheeks and then on

My arm too can't forget that i have two arms wow. I can't believe it. It'S working. I already look less pale. It'S like. I have a youthful glow about me. You were right annie. This helped a lot ah you're glowing so much wow. My skin looks absolutely radiant time for some education. Oh, my goodness, there seems to be a literal sun in my classroom, . That was a good nap. Wait. What happened to my shirt, my socks too, everything is full of holes. Man now i have to change - and this was my second favorite shirt -

What not my favorite shirt too, why so many holes? What am i gon na wear now phew, what a long day of shopping, i'm glad to be home, jake and madison. Your dear mother is home from the store, yay mom's home and she went shopping now. I'Ve got presents madison here. Are the shoes you've been wanting? These are the best you're, the best mom ever mom. What did you get me? Jake move out of the way i'm trying to give things to madison. Here you go darling. What why does she get? So many things um because i deserve them. What are you kidding me? You don't do anything mom,

What about me? Okay, let's see next, i have this. Finally, something for me, wait a dress. I don't want this mom. Why did you buy me this dress jack? Why did you open that? That'S not for you! It'S for your sister! Oh! This is great. Purple really makes my eyes pop. There has to be something for me. Wait there. It is. I see it here. You go my precious jake, this one's really for me this time, right, of course it is. I can't wait to see what's inside wait. What is this? Is this? Is this a ball of twine? Mom loves me best. Enjoy your string, jake mom. What am i supposed to even do with this jake stop. Bothering me i'm watching your sister try on her clouds.

Why Why is this happening to me? Oh, this movie is so scary jake. Why are we watching it? Listen, don't worry i'll, protect you and keep you safe. Oh jake, my hero, all right, jake time to show off your kissing skills, , hey! What are you guys watching make room for me? Hey? Aren'T you just loving this movie, it's so scary, right, oh uh, yeah sure it's great look! This is the best most scary part of the movie. Why does madison always have to spoil everything my kiss was ruined? I have an idea - oh boy, it sure is getting late around here.

Oh yeah you're right. I think i just need to sit back and relax. These two think they're So clever. Think again, isn't it great the three of us watching this movie together? I just love spending time with you. We could be best friends why. Why am i being punished like this? Oh look, popcorn another opportunity for romance these two are so gross time to put an end to this whole thing, what i accidentally spilled, the popcorn there's popcorn everywhere. Oh my gosh, the movie is just so scary. I forgot how scary that part was madison.