Free TikTok Followers ✅ How I get Free TikTok Followers in 2021 (iOS & Android)

Free TikTok Followers ✅ How I get Free TikTok Followers in 2021 (iOS & Android)

Yo g'day guys what is going on youtube today, i'm going to show you guys how to get free, tiktok followers in 2021 guys. This is i'm in april right now, as of recording this um, but this is working as a 2021, a method on how to get free, tick, tock followers, let's go ahead and refresh. Let me show you guys, sometimes um tick. Tock will be weird and not show you followers like that, but, as you guys can see, i'm getting followers added to my account literally doing this method. So i'm going to show you guys how to do this and you're going to get literally thousands and thousands of followers on tiktok for free um. You can also get likes.

You can also get video views um, but i just did this before and they're already starting to add, as you guys can see one minute ago two minutes ago three minutes ago six minutes ago, and if i just keep refreshing that i'm still gon na keep getting These followers, so yes, this is working and i'm gon na show you guys how to actually get this um. I'Ve done this up to like 9 000 followers. So, yes, it does work, um and yeah. Let'S get let's go ahead and i'm going to show you guys how to do this and what to do so. First of all, guys hit the little three dots up at the top and go to privacy and just make sure your account is not private.

So guys, If you have a private tick, tock account, they won't be able to follow you so um, don't make sure your account is not private has to be open. Most people's accounts are open. So that's good just wanted to make sure um. You guys do this. Just in case anyone messaged me and saying it didn't work um. That is probably why you also want to go down until you see tick code, and you want to make sure you have a tick code.

So um, if you go in here and it says, unavailable, you won't be able to do this. This is actually how they follow. You um like once i said again. This is default, so you should have this. You should see like your display picture and your name um, and it's like a qr code thing, so that should be all good um go back. You also want to go down to cache, um and just clear it. So this will just clear um. All like save data and stuff like that, don't worry, it keeps everything the same it just it just clears the app out and makes it run faster and lets you get those followers um in so once you've done that that should be good. We can then go um start going to the website. Let'S just double check, see how i mean now. Sometimes the accounts um will not show it's weird, but you are getting the followers. Look. Trust me. It works following following following and i'm just kidding keep on getting more and more um, because i just did this just before so, let's go ahead and show you guys now, if you're an iphone, there are some more settings as well.

So, let's go over to settings Um if you're on android, don't really worry about this um, so go to settings on your phone and then go to general scroll down. Until you see background app refresh and just make sure background app refresh is turned on guys. So if this is turned on you're gon na be able to do this, it's gon na allow you to send the followers to your account all right once you've done that

That should be all good. We can then simply head over to google and i'm going to show you guys or safari, and i'm going to show you guys the website um or whatever, where you get it from so what you guys want to do is go to the top up here and Type in tick t i k famous, so f a m o: u s like that! Dot com so type that, like that, so nice and easy tick famous go like that, and this is the site where they're going to send it to you for free. So it's going to should look like this guys, tick famous nice. So once you're there, it's going to say, get free followers. Your tick tock account. So what you want to do is just type in your own tick, tock account name so don't type in mine, but type in your account. So we'll go like that. So it reminds ryan ticktocky. Let'S go connect and it's gon na start to connect, as you guys can see, connecting connecting, and now you just select how many folders you want now this

This might take like a couple days to get or send them all through um, but you will eventually get them so to get another thousand here. Why not and should just start loading getting me my thousand followers, and we should be almost done here. This is on the tick famous site, guys, remember tick famous, but yeah. It'S gon na keep loading. This little thing. Wait till this bar to finish. You guys will see this yourself, but keep keep going along should be almost done, um scroll down, and you should see the little thing here. It says this little red thing just go ahead and click on that and you're gon na have to do this. One thing to actually get these followers in, so i'm gon na show you guys right now so it'll take you to something like this it'll be like tick-tock famous um follow instructions on two things below, so basically you have to do whatever these things say and they're Completely free, so don't worry about that guys like it's all free, it doesn't cost you anything um. It'S literally just you just go get these things, and it should be all good so download that one now some of these things will say like create an account or something um or um.

You know get to level five in a game, whatever just go ahead and do that. It'S super easy. It'S all for free, guys, um and you can update that um and yeah. It'S literally so so easy uh all right. So once you've done those two go ahead and do whatever it said so like create an account or something like that i'll go ahead and do that right now, yeah yeah yeah, this one said like get to level five in the game: go make sure to do That and once you've done those things guys then just go back into tiktok and you should start getting your followers come in. Of course, this is going to be weird again and yeah. Look. You can see that right there just now, just now, just now, just now and it's going to keep sending me followers um all throughout the day, and you guys just wait for it and it's all for free. So i hope you guys have enjoyed this little tutorial. Um, if you do need any help, please leave a comment below i can help you guys out um, it's literally so easy to do.