First Day at New School | How To Become Popular Student and Get a Guy

First Day at New School | How To Become Popular Student and Get a Guy

New school new me, i hope i get to be friends with everyone. . I can't see anything. Where do i go ? Hey? Why won't it open? Are you okay, ? Do you know where the math worm? Is you go this way that way, take two turns left and right straight ahead: thanks the brush should float free. Excuse me: how do i get to the bathroom first right then left two more lefts and two more rights left right, ouch again what a day? Well, that's what i look like . Am i going around in circles yeah? What kind of school is this scheme? That'S great wow, there's a whole labyrinth. . Okay, this way! Now this way yeah! That'S it! Where do i go? I don't get it! What a school um hi everyone, i'm chloe! Did you see that what a loser guys we have a new student, her name is chloe she'll, be studying with you from now on yeah, what a first impression my new classmates hmm! What are they like? We have to make friends with them.

This one is clearly a bully and this one is handsome she's gon na be the prom queen for sure. There'S the head nerd, the next one to answer is, may i choose me, i know the answer looks like they ain't. Nobody prepared at all. Handsome guy is calm. Hmm, i say them we'll be friends for sure, chloe great lucky, . Why her, let's make it harder, there! That'S it how about this one! It'S done! That'S great! Then the test is for all of you from higher mathematics, , yes b! That'S my first grade below a you want to be the smartest one in class. Well, because of you, we got an f again: , i'm sorry! I was just trying to help new girl, i'm lyla and i'm chloe

Okay, Now, let's solve this example to solve it, we're going to need this this and this stay awake. We need to be friendly and make friends with it. I got the formula: that's great you're, so smart , the new girl, is cheating off me. Miss i'm removing you from class yeah, be friends with nerds. I'M number one in this class jamie is so cute. , hitting on mine no way . Could you help me set up yeah, i'd love to friend done thanks, looks like jamie needs, help too , i don't even know go for it. You like him jamie. Can i help you here? You need it more. What what , What a boring lesson? Maybe a little prank on the new girl right, plasticine gum! Chloe! Do you have a marker, yeah sure here you go um chloe

Did you forget to brush your teeth ow here you go thanks, steve awkward. At least i think i made a friend what . What'S so funny, nothing ew! I was skateboarding at the mall yesterday, but it's not allowed not for cool people. Like me, , cool, did mommy make this for you look chloe's still having her mom make her breakfast back off honey. You forgot your lunch sweetheart mom you're, embarrassing me come on bunny eat and treat your friends you're, so cool. Thank you. That'S a lot of textbooks quiet. I think it's time for lunch, ! Sorry! Would you like a chocolate bar? Oh, thank you . Do you want to play a trick on her lila pick up the phone? ? Stop it it's supposed to be quiet! That'S better! My locker number six! Here it is ! It'S not working! Come on stupid, locker! . Ah it's you beggar, where's, the bruce! That'S very funny. Is there a problem? I can't open it.

It'S yours, let's fix it. Universal key textbooks Mine in my locker too yours is downstairs it's awkward. Where should i sit another prank on the new girl? She hasn't paid enough for our f's, yet yeah, that's right! Chloe come sit with us. Am i imagining things want to play a game? Yeah just keep your eyes closed, i'll! Do it whoever catches the most wins great, It'S my turn catch. I got it! I caught it! Oh! What'S that it's so spicy wait! It'S early chloe hurry up and drink yeah. What that's it? I'M done! pe is the only subject. I don't like yeah it's about time. We got some justice, , we're about to take the long jump jamie. You start lila you're! So tired have some water. Thank you at least you're doing me. Some good you're welcome lila lila next to jump what yeah sports? Aren'T your thing After all, f What it's the shoelaces ? Next, that's it , hey steve gum, come on, although no i'm not buying my own prank. Here. Look! It'S real , , looks real

It'S really just gum: gum, Throw it away immediately: uh, okay, 15, more push-ups, young man, who's; next , throw it throw it catch it, No throw it it's time for a prank, hey catch ouch, oh wow! Oh my gosh! Those are some nails. Oh no, my nails. Yes, that was the last ball. Everybody 100 squats. No, i'm already sore me too. That'S not fair class. Isn'T over yet everybody squat one, two one, two! Hmm! I have an idea of how to win the favor of these losers. Hey. I got an idea to end your misery, one two one, two. What what happened? We told you that everything hurts that's it. I can't work with these kids anymore lesson's over yay good job chloe, you saved the day.

Thank you. New girl, start your day with a warm-up, dance, , oh yeah, like that , is something wrong. Oh no! No! What did i do wrong and what is steve filming there? , who did it confess right now: , hey huh, and what's this ? Oh hey! Let me take a look. I think that was not meant for you, i no! I won't give it to you it's for me. I saw it fine, fine, whatever

I think i just got an idea. I think i should improve my stuff. That'S better hi there , who should i sit next to hey, sit with me: . I'Ve got a space too. Oh yeah they're, both mine, chloe. Can you chloe okay, never mind , hey ari, need help for the test. It yes, ! Well, here we go. Oh thanks. Can i take a look at your test: . This is the most beautiful test that i've ever seen in my whole life: books. If this is what is needed to get jamie's heart, then they'll do it.

do . I think it means her default check: Tick, tock, , i'm ready ready for . I sure really that ready, . It'S just too easy. Thank you. So much want to go to the cinema with you. Of course i want to. He should have chosen me , so interesting, and who would have thought? Oh, an idea: ! Oh a bitter popcorn. What did you take ari huh? What i didn't take the there. It is a perfect shot: . What'S ? What happened? Yes got it. This is definitely going to be popular , hey! Were you even listening. I'Ve been telling you about the lesson that you've missed for an hour yeah, If only you could tell me something really fun and not this nerd stuff, hey chloe, but physics is fun. Looking for company, no, i do not, but for sure the most popular girl in the school has some time to go out for lunch. Yeah

Maybe i do well, of course, my love potion formula: . Hmm. I think the formula needs some work. Finally, it is done. My best formula is ready. I need to improve stability, , it's time to test my potion. Oh no she's back. I hope it'll work, , ari. You look amazing. I think i've overdone it ari. I love you. Something is wrong here, what's wrong with those guys, well huh. What happens here? What? Oh? No? No! No! No! Hmm! What are they doing over there? , this isn't much of a soup. Oh dang, it right on my new dress, huh, here's the chance and they were laughing at me. Let'S see how you like it my new formula: . What is this thing? Some sort of a vial huh, what's wrong with the soup here goes some new material, wow