Hi, everyone of you all this is coinskit's going to dive into ethereum. Once again, thank you for your support. I really do appreciate it across the board, not just on the youtube videos. You know your likes. Your sharing is caring and all that, but obviously getting involved in the community that, with the patreon ship a massive respect to each and every single one of you there's in there. It'S not just me, that's in that patron ship. I want to remind you of that. Okay, there's a lot of people, there's a team of people in there doing around the clock, technical analysis, we've got a discord server. I'Ve got a dear friend of mine, that's running that community as well, and it's all good. It'S all golden there's a thriving coinski community, which is growing and obviously, if you've not checked out do head over to there there's lots of goodies over there there's a link section with all the links to everything. If you want to get involved with the community so yeah, it's all good, it's we're all evolving in this space and not may it continue it's it's a great relationship that we've all got so yeah

Thank you for your support across the board. So right now ethereum is doing really really well. Okay, it's breaking out key level resistance. There is a beautiful breakout target and you know this is why i always say to if and out zoom out, because technically ethereum looks extremely strong here and potentially we've got the correction over and done with. You know: we've gone through this abc correction for fearing right here and we are starting to form this wave five because technic technically, we do look solid, uh, one of the primary reasons. Obviously, we've got this wave one high okay and the wave to pull back the wave three high, which is the biggest wave, the wave four pull back, which we've gone through and right now we are breaking key levels of resistance, okay, which are confirming that potentially we've Formed a bottom away, four, now in the rsi you do know, we've been adhering to this particular trend line which we drew a long time ago. We did say, potentially you know, look at this trend line

I think uh ethereum start to roll over up here. Just here sorry create this massive bearish divergence there, and we did say that if it does come down put some cheeky bids in down here on this trend line and lo and behold, this is where it's bounced off. So it's good. It'S looking relatively good at the moment. Okay, we're not completely out of the woods. Obviously you know you could roll back, even when you're fully aware, but as long as you're there in holding key levels of structural support. This is where you're looking for the continuation and this wave five, because you know i'm going to tell you right now. This here is potentially where you need to sell ethereum, okay, again, not financial advice, but this is the pre previous cycle. Top of the previous ball run just up here. No, it's not actually tom. This is potentially where i would you know not financial advice, but this is potentially where you could be looking to exit effering because just there you know this is a complete overbought, uh territory, and this is the highest it's ever got, but it wasn't reflection of the Price because just you did create this bearish divergence and you went on here to make higher highs

Do you see that? So you know at this point here? I definitely would expect some kind of pullback at this level. Just to look bum, you got your pull back. You came back to the 20 in the previous bull run, and just here everyone would have been thinking you're in a bear market just there, but you've got a continuation. So when this time comes, we will, you know, obviously be out there giving your technical answers towards this scenario and potentially just there. It could be a great profit-taking entry point in my opinion, but again not financial advice, and with that you could see a little pullback. You know, and everyone thinks we've got a bear market, and this is where you can see that over extension - and potentially you know - i don't - i don't - i've not got a crystal ball, but you could look at it at something like this

Okay, this wave comes up here like this okay and we get that and then we come back and then we come back up to that formula lower low sorry, we could do something like this for ethereum, okay. This is a. This is a four experiment right now, i'm going to show you this there's a four experiment for ethereum, again, not financial advice, but you could come up here. Okay, meet the one six one; eight roll back to the one; four one: four mail through to one six, one, eight and after over extension, just there coming up to this two point: two: seven, two: okay, which would see you at a fifty four thousand five hundred And fifty four ethereum price prediction in this boron now, i'm just going to measure this particular wave potentially wave

Five okay could be a whopping three thousand one hundred and uh thirty, three percent uh wave okay for wave five. Now, to make that claim feasible, you have to have a shorter wave five than wave three in some instances. Wave three uh wave five can be as long as way free, but usually is the second longest wave in elite wave theory. So right now you know this particular wave was a whopping uh 5476. So essentially, this would actually be valid as a wave count and a wave structure. Okay. So when we look at the rsi just here, look at this okay, we came up. We topped out just there. Everyone was screaming bear market. We roll back to a key level of support before getting that final blow off top just there where you did roll over and you entered that bear market. Okay, so this is, we will. We do think the bear market will come

There'S a super cycle theory that the bear mark the bear markets and corrections are going to get shorter and shorter and we're not going to do to some four year cycle. Rule okay. So this this is a potential play. Not financial advice, but you could come up right now hit this, which is your one six one, eight, oh, no we're going to enter a bear market come back down and then you get the final sort of short wave, creating that bearish divergence, like you did here In this particular end of uh, bull run just there, where you do roll over and into that bear market, and at that point this is where you can see: ethereum just blast off enough overextension up here to the 2.272 before doing the abc correction and correcting because I'Ll tell you right now: okay, if that is the case, and if this is a scenario, and it is a thought process just like i said to you, i do like to do these thought processes on the channel

Uh four experiments, sorry um! If we do - and it is a big if okay, if we do see the wave five push onwards and upwards to the two point, two seven two in this ball run: okay after this correction, what we're going through right now and we do break these levels of Resistance and you're looking where your next technical target is, if we was to see a 50k plus ethereum token, and we enter a bear market where you know the usual cycle four year cycles, there is a sort of supercycle theory which you're aware of which i've done A video on before, if we do enter, say you know, altcoins correct around about 90. I think if we was to look at a 90 correction right there for ethereum, you could be looking at roughly around here. You could be coming back down to where you literally are now around about two thousand dollars

Okay, so that's a potential play a potential play for the uh ethereum bull market, continuation. So so far so good you know it is. It is sort of deering to structural support. You are looking potential more upside. I would you know not necessarily put my life on it, but this is the a really smooth technical target. The 1618 for ethereum in this bull run, but you know if we do start to see that mania phase for ethereum hold that and back to support this. Is you your further extension in the ball run and, like i said to you, it is valid because of the wave uh account just there. Potentially you know the wave five is a little bit shorter than the way free. It can sometimes be as long as, but that would send ethereum absolutely astronomical just there, okay, so so far, so good we're looking good we're looking for continuation for ethereum and potentially you know, i'm looking at a minimal uh token in this ballroom for ethereum through this Elliott way, theory and the structural support, and, like i said to you, i think i spoke to you earlier in the video i mean look, look at where the uh stock rsi is as well

Then you could look at that as a b c correction and you're, starting to form this new imported wave up, just like that and you're starting to form these new waveforms, where you know up here, if you see uh ethereum up here again take profits again, not Financial advice, so that's ethereum on the weekly covered, like i said to you, it's always good to zoom out and look at the the larger drawn out projections and obviously equally you fully aware that if ethereum i did do an update uh on the potential bear market Scenario right here that you know if we have entered a bear market we've not in a bear market a lot

You will see a lot of technical analysis saying we're in a bear market, but i personally don't believe we are. I think we've got overextended we've come that back down to structural support and held it relatively well. We are holding key levels of support right now, you're above 20 and, like i said you know in any time frame you're above this yellow line, the 20 you're an uptrend, so ethereum is an uptrend

You can't deny that you know you came back down. You held key levels of support, you're looking for continuation because, like i said to you, i did say if we have entered a bear market for ethereum. Your potential breakdown target is all the way down here and i think i did draw this line in yeah. I did do an update you're looking at a 200 262 dollar ethereum token right there, which again equally, would be a fantastic opportunity in a bear market for those that missed this bull market to get involved for the next bull market. So yeah, that's just a bit

Ta on ethereum, for you that i've i've not done a bit of ta for a while, i do apologize. I will try and stick to ethereum every day. I need to bring it back in, but um right now, i'm going to zoom in on the four hourly timeframe for you to see what we can see for ethereum, okay, so looking at, if looking at ethereum on the for hourly timeframe - and you can see you've Broken a key level resistance. I did put this post on twitter, okay, i do put post on twitter. Now and again i put this rising wedge on twitter uh. That was met the target. That was a beautiful short opportunity right there. Okay for ethereum, you broke lost support, and that was a beautiful 23 short opportunity. You bounced off that support. You broke this resistance of this falling wedge, okay and also a w bottoms at play here as well. I'M going to show that in a moment, but i did put this trade on twitter a couple of weeks ago

I think it was, and lo and behold you know you you broke through, you hold its support and right now you're looking at a beautiful upside. This was a 30 35 long opportunity for those of you that missed that particular trade. This is why you do need to head over to my twitter, because i do do live updates on there. Okay, um! So right now you can see the the the target is. Basically, coming to fruition is it's on its way? Isn'T it so you know the continuation from this point right here. You could be looking at a further 14 upside for ethereum before you sort of run into the technical target right there. There is obviously as well for zuma. You might be able to see a little bit better on the daily time frame here there is a w double bottom: that's playing a beautiful double w bottom

Just there look at this referring, okay, so just uh, you broke out a couple of really bullish patterns. Just here, like i said you got, this falling wedge. Boom boom boom boom boom broke. It come back up to where you filming the wedge up here. Do you see that beautiful right, so that's at play, but also you've broken this ww bottom? Look at this boom boom boom

Okay broke the level of resistance, you've melted for it, and now you have a technical target for that which obviously, as well, is from a resistance down to the bottom of the the support of a w bottom, which i've shown you before and you can see boom. You'Re on your way - and that is also the technical target of the falling wedge and also the w double bottom. So it's looking relatively good. You are a little bit overextended to be honest with you, but you've had to be to break these levels of resistance. I would expect some kind of retracement relatively soon, though, because you you are, you are getting a bit overextended, but one of the the main key signals here, which is extremely bullish for ethereum and crypto

You know, and alt coins primarily and bitcoin - is this signal. Just there, this is your buy and go to the beach signal from coinskin. Okay. This is when the 20 crosses are 55 on the daily time frame. That'S a massive massive indicator that you've basically reversed the trenches there, because you can see in this wave uh four pullback that we're anticipating for ethereum. You have the whopping 60 correction right there you you've found a base level of support. You basically had a quadruple bottom here, quad bottom, you know, look at that. Boom boom boom boom four touches before continuation broken at a level resistance. It'S looking good now what you do need to see here for ethereum. Obviously this is all good. Okay to invalidate a larger, a b c correction, where you get a 50 percent retracement, which is basically a dead cat, pounce and the continuation of the trend to invalidate that you have got to break key levels of resistance for ethereum

And i'm going to show you those right now, okay for ethereum what we do right now, because basically ethereum is retracing: isn't it from that level just there and we do need to see these levels of resistance broken, so it's roughly from there to there now, if You do see uh ethereum, because you can see it's kind of running into it at the moment. You'Ve got a bit of a week down just there. So if you do start to see ethereum roll here, you could be in for a bit of a dead cat. Bounce and potential entering a bear market for a bit for ethereum you're, fully aware of that yeah. So to invalidate that which would be good for crypto. You know this would be a precursor to the fact that you know bear market callers. Uh are wrong. Basically, because there's still, there is still a probability you're fully aware of that

There is still a probability that you're looking at a a b c correction just here, and this is bear market material. This is bear market material for crypto and ethereum and i've, given you breakdown targets, if you do enter that bear market you're, looking at a 200 uh dollar ethereum token right there, okay, so it's all probabilities. So what you do need to see for ethereum. Okay is obviously primarily get to this target break this 050, because this is a deck cap

Bounce! Okay, you come down. You retrace that cap bounce continue, so what you do need to see primarily for ethereum is two levels of resistance: broken because if you do get those levels of resistance, broken you're, going to start to form a massive whopping reversal wave here, going back up to where You form this impulsive wave okay, so it's it's looking good so far, but you've got key levels of resistance. Those are zero: five, oh okay, at two thousand seven hundred and twenty one dollars and the most important level that you do need to see broken for ethereum. You know to give a high probability of a reversal. Wave is three thousand and forty one dollars break the golden ratio and you're looking really good here, but i'm not gon na lie to you. You are going to run into a level of resistance. Okay, you do need to see a firm, come back, hold support continuation and do something like this, because if you do start to get a little bit overextended here, there is a probability you could roll over

You got really to overextended and you could come down and create another impulsive wave down here for ethereum, so it's crunch time for ethereum and crypto at this moment. Okay, the technical target is good because it breaks the zero five - oh okay, and if we can get on from there and and get back above that technical target and start to get back up with the gunner ratio wow, it's looking really really good for ethereum here. What i'm going to do is just drop the pvpr in at the moment because, like i said to you, okay, as quickly as you fall, you can climb back up and that's basically what ethereum is doing at the moment. So we're going to do is drop the vp vr in just there to see the levels of support and resistance

So you can see there is quite a cluster there resistance, but once you get above that, you can see it's basically thin air just there. So there is a pocket of thin air just here, the golden ratio, so i would anticipate okay that if a frame starts to get above that and holds its support, you could be looking at a beautiful pump up to this particular level of resistance. Just there see this cluster just there before you start to a level of rejection or continuation and break this high, because it is all about breaking this eye, because if you break this high up here at 4, 000 360, obviously you're confirming that you've got the reversal. Wave and you've got a beautiful upside potential target just there one eight referring where you could see it just go on and go up to seven thousand eight hundred and seven dollars before getting a roll back and a retracement before continuation of the trend