Coinbase explose les 100 milliards de $ puis perd 30% en 2 heures ! Investir en bourse ou fuir ?

Coinbase explose les 100 milliards de $ puis perd 30% en 2 heures ! Investir en bourse ou fuir ?

Hello, hello, hello, hello, friends, I'm waiting for everyone to be there. Normally he should. We should have a little latency. Ok, I see normally, I'm live. I'M sharing my link on telegram. So there friends, I hope you go well. So i am going to talk to you. Hi hi hi hi, everyone have you got fishing good. It is after midnight in dubai. I am not going to yell too much because there are still people sleeping, but first of all i wanted to make an update on the green bay ipod, which was a huge success, and i don't know if you have watched the video i posted on april 11th And you see here at the chances of success of this hype, and so this is a video in which I spoke about cowboys. I will quickly share with you what I had said and then we will analyze. So there are a lot of things so already what you have fishing is what you have fishing put me shoots: b, leus, the abysses and witness the blue shoots. So I will quickly come back to the plan of agreement. The plan. First of all, I will come back to the explosive beginnings of corbeil on the stock market. What happened today is obviously the standards scam and I had spoken about it in the video of April 11. Secondly, how, as the buzz led to the crypto we saw, the deutsch cohen, which literally exploded is what it is something table is what it will be lille et nabeul, and what is the logic of this rally? Third amstrong today is one of the 21 of the 100 richest people in the world with a heritage of 20 billion dollars, and I will quickly come back to his experience and then, of course, on this extraordinary adventure, and I will respond quickly to your questions. Do you like it or not? Yes, yes, yes, I see acting magnificent magnificent come on, we are going. I have a lot of work so quickly. Here I share with you this video and i will make you listen. I want to tell you straight away: broken down while wet no ambiguity on my part, i am not a fan of ipods. Why? Because often there is great uncertainty. Some taipei hau often the fps breaks the figure. Then it explodes. So in fact it's a bit like the lottery is what I'm saying it's my intuition, but my intuition is supported by scientific arguments and I will get there right after so my intuition. Is that often, when you have i, like you, especially when the way kms launched his ipod, i.e,

There is an incredible excitement around bitcoin around the crypts adorned with excellent numbers, all text, so there is probably going to be a massive buy when I think that when we put it is going to be a huge success so either you are in a trading perspective That is to say, ok, friends, so there you see what I said in the video the video. I said that gon na be a buy, ma, ssif and then scam. We will quickly come back to the graph of quang binh. What happened today. We just really remember because I think it is very, very very important and I will share my table, but as a reminder, the IPO price of Campbell's was 250 dollars of agreements and the title it opened at d3: 163 meaning it rose to 420 430. That is to say an increase of 70 % compared to to precisely the. How would I say compared to the marketing price, which was $ 250, and we ended up at $ 430. But what is interesting is that this $ 430, we did not stay very for a long time. We stayed ten minutes. I quickly come back to the graph, because it's interesting look here at what we got and for me it's literally a scam. But that's what I said in the video that is what is going to happen is that it will explode rapidly on the rise and then go away, break the figure and look here. We have the green bay, which opens at 381, while the placing on the market was at 250. So already we have an explosion on the rise we have in ten minutes. That'S five minutes of graffiti sent five minutes. So in ten minutes we go from 381 to them 428, that is to say that we progress by 2 13 %. Okay in ten minutes, we progress by 2 13 % and then, when they will literally collapse and lose something like 27 %. Since the highest, it means that people who bought there lost 30 % in one day. So beware, it's not over. Maybe it will explode upwards. We don't know anything me again. I relied on the history of agreement when, for example, you take stocks like I do not know facebook, we take them on a historical basis. Facebook, when it went public swallow without looking. It was worth something like 40 dollars and you see ditto in the month of the ipo, it collapsed and p uis, just after the lpo le compared to the highest, we dropped by 60 % compared to the highest of the ipod. That means that the people who bought by there were then obviously had, and it is still a times what I had explained in the previous video is and in a long term perspective and you believe, but once again the data is not going in this direction. I.E.

That on the ipod we have 60 %, which have a negative performance after five years is what, when a will be part of these 60 % or will be part of the 40 % of action which evolves positively. We do not know anything about it, but still it is that facebook, just after its IPO, her IPO lost 60 % of its value, and she knows it and see facebook here it was in May 2012 and the recovery took place in September 2013 when it took A year to recover its meanwhile, the people who bought there lost 60 % in latent loss e t. So you see the psychological side a little, that is to say that when you buy a stock like green bay, okay, you don't know if this stock will go to two hundred and fifty or a hundred and fifty okay. But if it breaks the figure, a lot of people who bought it at 420, they are going, they lost, they are losers and therefore psychologically are they going to hold their positions? Often it is not the case they will not hold their positions. Why? Because behind psychologically, as soon as your loss exceeds 25 %, you start to panic and the vast majority of individuals psychologically cannot maintain a loss greater than 25 %. Why? Because precisely the individual hates losing? We have this experience, which was conducted by daniel kahneman years. Nobel Prize in economics, which shows the following thing, is that individuals have an aversion to losses, so the person who loses money, for example, you win 100 dollars of agreements and you lose 100 dollars. So you win 100 dollars and you lose 100 dollars. Is the pain of losing 100 dollars? It is twice as important as the gain or the satisfaction withdrawing from the gain of 100 dollars, so we hate losing the individual hates losing and therefore a lot of people will remain either paralyzed or they will go out at the worst time. And that's what will happen so it's a little bit what we had with kan bays and precisely today we saw the euphoria agree to the purchase, so I will quickly come back to the graph in five minutes we will put. The volumes is like that. Looking at the volumes, the volumes are explosive at the opening its explosive in at 313 title miles, then 226 title miles and look just after the collapsing volumes. So you see the first ten minutes the exploding volumes, a lot of people who are in fomo mode. You must not miss the opportunity, it will continue. You have to buy now so there a lot of people are mo de fomo and then when he sees the thing down, there is no longer anyone who wants to buy, and so many people have been tricked by that 313 miles. Title x, an average price of 400 dollars. I let you do the math we can. Even we can. Even we can even do it together, but it will be. It will be quite funny when I put my calculator. Normally it is 313 thousand times 400. It means that there are 125 million positions and knowing that, just after we have the same thing, you see there. We have an average price of 420 and the volume is 226 thousand title, so we will put 126 thousand times a price east of 420. That makes us 94 million, of which we can clearly see that we are on 200 300 million transactions just the first ten minutes. So it's a lot a lot, a lot, a lot of money and then just after actually we see as bbc. So that's just the introduction and we really see something here from classica and that's what I tell you had said in my previous video. I told you we will see that we will have a strong increase and then, after that will break the figure it is classic. Now the question we can ask ourselves is what finally we are going to agree. We are there now it's worth the equivalent of 328 dollars. Ok, but will it continue to fall and therefore for someone who wants to invest in - and I had already told you - it is better to wait that things are going well the figure and to wait for a phase of reversal or is what ultimately, it is to Consolidate it will start again on the rise, because today we are in a euphoric market. We are in a euphoric market, therefore, today, and that is really something important today, when we is worth more than the nasdaq. Is that the nazi? Then the nazi is the new york stock exchange where haiti - and therefore this is the parent naked of a dry, orca, etc. Stock exchange, which is worth 60 9 million dollars, see 6 9 million dollars and the nasdaq, which is worth 26 million dollars but campbell. It is worth without forgiveness, billion 26 billion and 69 billion that a drop your 100 billion, that is to say once again, you just have to reason a little bit. Nasdaq is where there is tesla. This is where there is microsoft. This is where there is google. This is where there are the biggest tech boxes in the world when the biggest tech boxes in the world are on the nasdaq, but the nasdaq is not worth 26 billion dollars the nazi. It is also huge. This is where there is mc donald's senate, where there was small, general electric, etc, ford, general motors, so you have on one side green bay, which has just arrived, which n does not yet have an accor history that is just starting to make money. So once again they have made a lot of money. We agree, but that is just starting to make money and that there is a lot of money, because there is a euphoric market in crypto and you s have in front of the nasdaq and the nazi who are worth much less, whereas these boxes they have a History, whereas these boxes lodge the biggest technological boxes where all the industrial boxes in the world and therefore when they , there is already there indeed a problem in relation to this situation. So we can clearly see that when he puts today and suire evaluated that kane drops behind. There is indeed a big big big craze, and this craze is explained quite simply by the fact that people consider that it'is the future and that it can only explode. But we also feel a real exuberance and it comes back to I come back quickly here, the dodge coyne. I do not know if you have seen it, you have seen a little. What is happening happened, but it's just delirium i.e.

This crypto set learned in a few days, sent here on April 11 and we made a higher is 132 % before correcting because there look what happened past today. I we just had an explosion on the rise and there it started to correct strongly, but we can clearly see that there is today a forest because the deutsche bahn, in a pinch bitcoin we can understand - and it is true that bitcoin has made a historical record Of accor, therefore, but it has broken its historical records, but we can understand it because bitcoin it is linked to reception, but you should know that when they , while being listed on the stock exchange, gives credit to the crypto, because that for the first Time we have a box that was in the race and therefore the bitcoin is falling its bed and the future of its two boxes are linked. Is this? The second point that I wanted to address with you is that inbev something share, takes crypto in its wake and that's what happened is that a lot of people said to themselves the fact that when we going on the stock market, it means a Greater democratization of crypto, it means that no anyone can buy green b, ay and indirectly bitcoin, because when you invest on clanbase you invest in bitcoin is therefore somewhere. Anyone today can buy bitcoin through cambridge is why I say that we will quickly come back to green bay. So that's not it look at campaigns here. You have the bitcoin, barnes and exchange so effectively the amounts that are on the exchanges and we see that when they , they own 769, 1113 bitcoin much more than bill years, much more than all the other places market. So when you buy a good case, you buy bitcoin. So you see, you understand a little the success of 7.10 direct public, offering points which is effectively a way of going public, which is not a hype and at the classic. But we can see the interest of this introduction is that behind many institutions will say. If I want to invest in bitcoin, I will invest in campbell. So we understands why this IPO - yes, this IPO to another, was so successful and why it rose directly to 100 billion. Now, obviously, it is excessive, that is to say, ah yes, after of course, it can continue to rise. That can, but there is somewhere an excess and - and we do not feel it on all the crypto has, for example, gripple, then the reaper. It is true that he had this trial to win and it is and game. Remember you. I told you this'is incredible. I told you if it breaks it will explode on the rise and explode to the money. There are some who told me. Yes, my friends here you said it was dead. Well, yes, it is dead in the sense that from attack by the dry, it doesn't get worse. Now, why? I changed my mind because again, a lot of people will say to each other yeah, but it doesn't make sense. Firstly, it doesn't. There are idiots who do not change their minds or fools who do not change their minds. Secondly, me my feeling ent is when you have a lot of negative news, and it goes up. It'S positive. It'S just psychology: it's when you have very very negative news and something holds well. It'S positive and that'What. My feeling about apple is that I saw the thing hold when you had no good news and then we learned for the trial. We learned a lot of things, but it happened after not before okay, but once again we feel something incredible that is happening. And finally, I wanted to quickly come back to the CEO of green bay armstrong, who has today become one of the richest men in the world.

Part of the top 100 richest men in the world at only 38 years old and as he had 20 % of kan baez today, that represents the equivalent of 20 billion dollars, and here I have not much to say, I had already made a video, and here It is right here, it's very, very, very, very interesting. C' is kanbay revenues watch in 2021 campbell made $ 1.8 billion, but why? Because there was a dengue bull market on crypto, but look at that was in the fourth quarter of 2009 $ 1,500 million on 3rd quarter, 2009 1,290 billion, by which 290 million the second quarter of 2000 goes to 180 million. We had 90 million of the 18 million you see, that is to say, that is to say there. The bulk of the profit was made in 2021. Therefore, bravo Armstrong because he made a stroke of genius by making this hype, and at this very precise moment, what will happen next? Will green bay increase in power me? In any case, I finds that it is really interesting for those who are interested in crypto in bitcoin water, because it allows them to have a crypto exposure without going through the exchanges, the risks of hacking, and it is that there are on some platforms and there We are on a traditional platform of a ccord, but we have a crypto exposure directly through queen bess. So for me, it's extremely interesting now and i can't do it now because it would take too long. I invite you to read the green bay document to its introduction and this document, which has been filed with the sec, and I invite you to read the warnings. It'S just delirium, it's just delirium and I think it will deserve a full video. But when a beautiful protects herself as not possible and the number of risks they put forward is just incredible and I will not be more royalist than the king, but when we see the warnings as a basis, we see the caution we see what'they put like how Would I say flat, etc we say to ourselves if they are also careful. It is that to. It is better to be careful so me for me it remains an interesting exhibition. It remains an interesting idea now once again: attentio n, ok, because we are in a bubble movement. Everything has exploded because everyone was expecting this hype. You are now seeing the crypto corrected, so it's not catastrophic either, but hey dhj kane, it's just huge when the thing it exploded and there is losing a very good here. It is but like in a few hours, his pair 24 % quiet. What and while the thing has exploded upwards and behind there is nothing really strong, but we can see technically speaking, it's a great break in resistance going on a technical level. It'S just brilliant! So that's it! It'S technique. It'S psychology and there is not really any logic. Has no real rationality, it's a little bit the point. I think it's big points that I wanted you to develop just here. To conclude, we are living extraordinary moments on the financial markets. It'S madness, collective that we have never seen in the past me. I have never seen that in the past and, of course, when you have a collective madness, it often ends very badly. We saw it on the first bubble on the crypto, where it hurts very very badly here it is for my for me for the moment. The bitcoin I analyze, it is always also you see, it is always also. I have nothing of bearish, there are divergences, but are not validated when it is not validated at all for the moment, so it is always also so once again, it really has to break, and for the moment it wants. It always so be careful for those who are well invested for the moment there is no real danger. There is no real signal of turnaround now. You know it very well on the sign it can. It can suddenly turn around and it can hurt a lot in a few days, which is to say remember: 2000 2010 is where it was enough, it's quite violent and where we actually got you see it was like an a n sorry here see in a week In a week it had lost something like 40 3 % when and after obviously it lost 71 %, and then here it was, it was really collapsed. So here it is, for those who are novices in terms of investments just be careful because we are going. We are going to live times like that times when things are going to explode times when things are going to break your face, so be careful not to believe that the trees are going up to heaven. Above all that here there are, there are still quite contradictory signs. Now the trend is your ally. It is part of the basic principles of trading. You should not anticipate a turnaround me. I especially see those which are based on fundamental analysis, who haven't had major crack here for over ten years, and this major crash hasn't happened yet good last year. It'S true that it was bad, but it's not major crack. I think we're going live a crack m. Ajeur, when I do not know, but we will live a major crack, because it is part of the history of the financial markets, the financial markets, which continue to rise indefinitely, it is impossible now, of course, we will probably live it and we must be careful and Is obviously well prepared for all that? Well, I told you a lot of things I think I said well, you made this live. Friends are what you killed. This live friends six years ago. Yes, yes, hello, sir cavage! Are you more efficient than a quantitative engineer? I dont I can compare to the quantitative engineer. I think that people moaning quantitative, have a specialty which is to model the financial markets to operate. I dont, I have no problem with quantitative engineers and they themselves say it. I don't know if you know paul d'hermann, emmanuel d'hermann, sorry, it was one of the biggest cointe of wall street and for a certain time i It went really well and he forgot the psychological side. I think the quantitative side forgets the human side, but the financial markets are dominated by the financial markets, speak by the psychology of the financial markets. I will not compare myself. I will not do war. I think that the most important is. What is your approach? Is it quantitative, because me too, in particular, from hamburg, this master, i we use a lot of mathematics, a lot of statistics, a lot of historical data base, also on especially that now again, what is your approach? What is your capital? What is the risk that you tolerate and then, of course, are you convinced yet approach? And finally it is the regularity has a lot of people, of which a good one approach but are not regular. Are you regular or not, then then, with great pleasure friends, esponde buy advice, listen to me. I first i will. I want to make it clear. I do not give financial advice to my subscribers, but also to my students. Why? Because I consider that it is not my job and I can say something today and tomorrow say the reverse and I like a lot this sentence from jesse livermore. Not if you know him, but for me he is one of the greatest traders of the 20th century and probably of all time and jay style, really says the following thing. He says if you base yourself on the advice from mr smith to buy a stock and mr smith, he goes on vacation and fought and dependent on mr smith and somewhere. This is not the best way to operate so to ultimately avoid this addiction. You have to train yourself, have to learn and me this is what i tell my students. I dont give them fish, i teach them to fish and i think this is the reasoning you should have again the typical example cx rp in december. I was saying that st died and I accept my words - and there is here April 4 to April 4, where she is it or I said that at this level it will explode and that's what happened that happened in the meantime. It'S just common sense, but the person who followed me cadiou and I sold because the Nazis, because she does not have to follow me because once again, the goal once again it is to be autonomous in your decisions, and this is what I am killing myself to Explain, but what a lot of people do not want to understand. A lot of people do not want to assume their responsibilities. A lot of people are dependent on ok, ie. You have a state of mind. I am talking for some people to attend. Ie. Please tell me what to do. No, you must not depend on someone to your future for your financial decisions to do important things. Of course you have to train yourself and me, i'm training and i'm very happy to have created this and that it is to train students. So I learn it to be autonomous to be based on themselves, etc. But if you base on someone's life to make a decision, you are the last donald, that is to say I will completely it's your money. It'S your decisions, it's your financial future and therefore you have to assume your responsibilities me. I have lots of students, they are doctor and his cardiologist, his business manager. They go, they went to see their banker who told them anything, they lost money and they say to me yeah, but you said I shouldn't have trusted him. Well, yes, you should not have worked many years of studies to become a doctor to become a cardiologist and you do not make the effort to train yourself to invest when it can bring you much more what you earn with your traditional job. Looking for the error, so what I explain to my students is precisely the training in terms of investment. It is perhaps even more important than the training to exercise a profession or a doctor cardiologist. It will take ten years of his life to become a specialist sometimes had 12 years, but to train in the investment. They will spend 0 minutes. Why? Because he says it's not my thing where I don't have the time or and then we pay a high price. So really, and it's not the joke friends, it's me, I bring you my opinion. I bring you my point of view, but it is my point of view which can change overnight for such and such a reason, and it is legitimate. The world evolves. The markets evolve. For example, me I will leave the world of financial markets business. I can, for example, have a strategy. Today I mean ok. This strategy is great. I realize that this strategy is completely off the mark either you go ahead and continue with this strategy. To be there, you say, but this strategy is really rotten. I have to do something else: that's a good business manager and it's the same for an investor. That'S a good investment, that's someone who has the courage to have an opinion, what courage to make decisions, but also what courage to say my decision was bad. My choice was bad, so i have to re-evaluate my decision. You know what i mean then then. Yes, i am medical student, it touched me a lot. Thank you very much and I am and I have a lot of doctors in the cocoa region and I am very very happy because doctors for me here it is a noble profession and it is a very beautiful profession and I'm going to say I have a Lot of doctors, who tell me you have me here, I work hard and I know that the doctors work hard, that it is demanding that one does not become a doctor like that by chance it is years of years of study of sacrifices. It takes to be part of the top already in high school. You have to be part of the top of the students. Then there is a competition which is extremely selective. Then you do. There are many doctors who tell me you friends. I trust my banker. Ten years after twenty years later, I don't agree and that's why many we have a lot of doctors who come to us. I am very happy because they learn to invest and it is super important and to invest by yourself, c'is very important. So then thank you. Baptist on another tf snpi how to prepare for crack, listen to thomas once again how to prepare for crack by having an approach that allows you to prepare for crack and that's something we have work in the hold. That is to say that we have worked. We have indicators, we have signals, we know when to be invested when to go out and once again everything we teach these bins tested there is work of research is solid, e, etc. But what I tell my students is that zero risk does not exist, and that is why we within which we do not have a strategy. We have several strategies. Why? Because if a strategy does not work well, you have a second, a third which covers the first strategy, so we are really in something or we limit the risk to the maximum. We maximize the profits so from there to answer your question crack. Maybe you will have it next week, maybe for three years we will have a market too and that nobody will be able to tell you now we don't care. Why? Because once you base yourself on the numbers, once you you rely on the data, you don't need to know what will happen and precisely I have a lot of students who invest and an argument is friends. It'S been 10 years 15 years. I had incredible testimonies and I did not have the same performance as with the dachshund is in ISP. What I tell them is that I forgot, because you are full of noise, that is to say that if you follow the media, it is all the time there. Four okay and it's normal that sells me. Even when I put a video, I will pay attention blah blah. You have the number of views that explodes enough like that, it's unfortunate but people they love it. They love something where it's fear. It'S people love it now, as an investor. That'S not our thing. That is to say that we, our thing is to be rational, is to be cold, is to have data, and it is not to fall into the noise of the markets trap. That'S why I invested. What are the reasons why I invest? What are the reasons that will make me exit the market? So you must have an extremely precise system and we c'Did. We attack him again. So then it's impossible to know that we will have a crack. We can anticipate we ad es indicators and idra, but nobody can tell you when there will be a crack the most important again. It is the strategy. The test is what the strategy it worked over time and is what for you ultimately that he believes or not. Then then, by putting a sum, it is a very good strategy. It is the strategy of the dessert, that is to say that every month you have me a little money sincerely, you put money, s'lower, you put money and in fact, you put on the long term. That is to say that your objective is what it is to say to yourself. In the long term, the stock market is bullish. Now, once again, you can find yourself in markets that are stagnant for ten years. Hence the importance of having several strategies, because this strategy is very good, but if you find yourself in a market that is stagnant for ten years, you can actually get stuck, but in the long term it is the best strategy to invest in indices, not on stocks. On indices, then, then, the future of the xx rpc excellent. As a question she listens. You saw a little what happened now? The spli can say that the sec lost the first round, but she did not not lost the fight. Besides the representatives of the sec said: listen to us. We never said that the bitcoin was a crypto currency. That here is because, in fact, it is the defense of ripoll, which is to say to the asec, considers to consider the reaper. The problem is rhdp. As a crypto currency, as there was a precedent, so we do not see why they changed their mind, but the sec said even we can do what we want and they have reason. Therefore, the thing it is there is that it is very political, and thus it will depend on the dub hayden of the bailon administration of what is the attitude they will have towards the crypto and one more time.

Today they are in a position of study of agreement. I prepared a video on the digital yuan. Therefore, the crypto Chinese chords and it's very interesting - and you have a Chinese central banker saying the following: it is when I saw bitcoin. I was both fascinated and both scared fascinated by innovation, scared by the danger that this represented for traditional currencies and therefore it will be very political, and there will be regulation is now is that it will be the regulation that will be put in place. What will be the impact of this regulation is, is what will be a re- regulation for these criminals, or will it be a soft regulation but which can effectively reduce the impact of crypto? We know nothing helped or once again me. For me, it is very, very political i.e. You have to be careful with that. That'S why me on crypto. Technically, it's good. Everything is good, but there is still a risk factor which is important and you will see I will share with you. K'S document ey, biscayne bay said the same thing and that's what is incredible. They say what I'm telling you, because there are people among you who are going to tell me yeah, but you put yourself exaggerating where you are anti crypto green bay. They say what I mean: they come to say it, and so we can see that it has nothing to do with being for or against. It is just that at a certain moment. What is the relation by force? Do not forget the balance of power still very important, so then I bought four shares of campbell. I hope you do not know hesitated at 420, my friend, but I also hope why it will explode a year back on green bay. Just i'm sharing yeah green bay. It looks like that yeah, it is recovering a little bit. We will put in five minutes here. It is that's it for the moment here is hockey what else as a question, are we going towards an oil shock? No, I would not say I would not say that we are heading towards an oil shock, but clearly dangerous, so the petro I am going here, I shared yeah. I shared that oil is clearly visible, that since November, you see we have broken months. For me, it's technically it's great for the moment. It'S still bullish at the bitcoin forgiveness, the oil. It also remains now as the oil shock, which means by because there is oil shock oil shock, the oil which collapses. We had it where the oil which explodes on the rise, but we can see that that holds oil well, and we can see that behind. There are reasons, for it is Saudi Arabia, the policy, the strategy it has led the reduction of supply. We also have a recovery of the economy. We have also positive signals so for the moment oil hold on well. After again, it will depend on the evolution of the economy. Then decentralized finance would have to make a video for you on it. But for me it is very positive, then then the indicators expressing that all my of going in the same innate direction of crack and exuberance following this herd movement. So I did not understand the question, but in all the ways in the movements, the foriic you have indeed everyone who goes in the same direction. I come back. I quickly come back to currencies in particular the euro dollar, and then I release you, the friends of ges, that you like this live or not, and if you like this live, I will see how many likes there are 323, like you are 1400. What is it happening at your place? Explode the lives, the friends it is one o'clock in the morning of mesh made us explode, the laity, the friends good quickly, the euro dollar. It is holding up really well, but me again, the eurodollar you see it is. It is a huge corridors since 2014: okay, it's treading water, so there it goes up, etc, but we can see that it has held. That is to say that you see the khimki eurodollar, which hits this level and then what takes this, which comes on a support level which goes up. So we can see that the big level on the euro-dollar it is there. It is at 1.25 in the long term, obviously so, if the 1.25, that must be broken to have something very bullish on the weekly, it remains rather positive, because that we had this correction and it remains positive, and in offense we go back above the zone of Neutrality - it's not great, but it remains. It remains positive here it remains positive friends, so I will probably the deutsche bahn will explode the increase. Thank you very much friends. It is 1am, so I'm going to go to sleep here. I hope you have done this live. I also hope that I could thereafter organize lives more often, etc. I want to do a live plus development motivated people sion. I really wanted to thank the ghanaians for the amazing testimonials that have left us. This is just one that i dont. So there are a lot of people and say yes, but it is not possible, but your life is, i don't believe it etc, but here it is crazy what what happened, what it is it's just incredible. We at 2753 comment. We have. We have 90 7 % rating of 5 out of 5. It'S really really really incredible, and I wanted to thank you here. It'S just crazy. I really and the tks nothing. If we like it and believe me, I am saying the testimonials and they are just. They are just incredible, that is to say there is a maxim I think you know him. He is 17 years old, and here it is it's incredible. He follows his form: the training with his parents, that in Lille 50 years old, watching the second breakup of my family, I have four children. We could have believed in a catastrophic being. I started the program with tammy as soon as she got there. I don't regret anything it's heavy in terms it opened up new horizons to me, etc. I share, and we only have that we only have incredible stories and for me I really really really really. I am really proud of that, and here lately I have. I was very funny, i'm not hiding you because we created new programs were there was a lot of work. There was a lot of things that were done, so i couldn't be very present on youtube. So i was a little absent or it must be said, but here I cannot be everywhere and I think that at a certain moment you have to be focus is besides. You cannot be good everywhere. If you try to do everything well, you will never do anything. Good, this is an advice that I give you friends here. It is your school s that eads was stuck among. You is what there are cases and although they are hot, they are hot, but I want to do. I want to do a crazy event, and here it is but but but I am very happy because thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Friends, ayala t. She is great. Yes, we are there and there I love you kiffe here. Thank you for your average of 7 in the energy head. What links for six months and is what is frankly a lot of people. They say to themselves it's too good to be true or it's impossible, but you have to see there dachshund. You have to see there, it is helping yourself years of my life. I have dedicated, I think, it'that's, why it's testimony touches me because somewhere it's a bit of a reward for the consecration of several years of work. Don'T forget friends, there there's plenty of tekka link. That'S just that' is just great, don't forget, friends. This is something i really wanted to share with you. These we tend to underestimate what can be done in ten years and overestimate what can be done in one year or the tk. It is more than ten years working, it's years and years of work, and we cannot have these results like that by snapping your fingers now, once again, the goal is that

Is really to be in a goal with a focus process, optics to bring a maximum of value and cardboard? What and that's how you We are going to have results and these testimonials represent somewhere here it is a little consecration or it is a little for me. It is my most beautiful medal. The device has no better agree, it is beautiful. Now I know it's not a given it's not because my students tell me you've put on it's great and it's that in six months, they'll tell me the same thing, because it's up to me to always be good and to always be there see what I mean That is to say, and the hedges and the tekes nothing and I had a lot of testimonies in this direction. He said what we liked sect friend, recovered in question. He improved and that's what we tried to do. We saw that we had not been good at certain things and that we had to improve and we has improved, but it's non-stop. What you have to understand is that it's been a long time since I took a real vacation. It'S been a very long time, so I don't even know what it means say vacation, but why? Because I love it, I love it and I want to bring a lot of value. Thank you very much friends. I wish you a wonderful evening, and I say see you very soon and act and soon a lot of ouch, not bad content, etc, but it was myspace here we cannot do everything, and here I wanted to apologize. If I was not, I was not super present on youtube. I love this community. I love this youtube channel. For me, it's a kiff. It'S here. I don't know me when I see the stories when I see the transformations when I don't see that there are many of my students who are youtube subscribers who have watched my videos, which me have said that an institute gives me fishing tammy. You motivated me sift this site, put that and and many people well. Finally, he loves this fishing that I have and because somewhere it is contagious. I am positive. I I'm a positive person. I struggled in my life. I had moments . I was depressed. I was close to death. I was really at the bottom of the hole, but I understood one thing: you have to be positive in life. You have to be fishing. You have to have this rage to bounce back, because there is that's true, so you get depressed after here are two small sores. You will never do anything big. So for a certain moment, you really have to be focused on your life mission. You have to work hard. You have to have this vision. You have to be positive, false positives friends here on his kind words, I wish you a wonderful evening. I tell you to keep fishing soon. Friends.