I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution. We talk about everything crypto daily before we jump into this video. I want to ask you guys smash the like button for me subscribe to the channel jump in right into the market today in crypto. Bitcoin, pull back. This is a bitcoin weekly chart reminder i'm giving away 500 in bitcoin in four days. All you have to do for a chance to win subscribe to the channel. Like the video leave a comment in the comment box boom free money - let's go right now: bitcoins pulled back after a pretty strong weekly close i'm going to take you to some lower term time frames. To kind of give you some more important details.

As far as this pullback, it's this simple you you want bitcoin, i mean which essentially put in a higher high already higher than the previous high. I mean it'd, be very bullish to just maintain this level and continue higher right, but if we do get a move lower, you want this low to be higher than the previous low, and then this would start this uptrend. This could be a slow crawl higher. Like everybody wants this moon mission, it may not play out, but this would be a good situation where bitcoin goes sideways for the altcoins. This is a bitcoin 12-hour chart. Yesterday we talked about this a huge buying opportunity or swing failure pattern. We talked about this support. Had to hold a bounce here i mean you could obviously there's a ton of buyers at this level as well as this level. You know they're just strongest group of buyers, we're waiting for a pullback here right, and so if this does happen, the bulls are going to jump in i mean, obviously it's still going to be a downtrend

It'S not going to be a bunch of fun short term, but it's a possibility. Yesterday'S video, we talked about this idea. Bitcoin 4-hour chart 11 637 people saw this. Bitcoin was at about 40 000 at this point 68 chance that this rising wedge breaks to the downside. Here we are okay, so we've had about a 1500 retrace from that level. This support level needs to hold. I mean potentially the there's another support level right here, but you don't have amazing volume breakdown volume on this, but bitcoin is definitely not headed in the right direction. So measured move this pattern. If i had really good volume, you know 36 600. All the buyers are sitting right here to buy it up, so i mean a bullish scenario could be you know you get a bounce at one of these support levels because there's a ton of buyers waiting for this to happen right

The bearish scenario would be that sellers push the price through this support level, and you know bitcoin has some downside, but again, some type of bounce and then a low and what you don't want to see is bitcoin was putting in a series of higher lows and Higher highs higher low higher high, you want this low, potentially to be at least as high as this low. If it goes lower, then it's a lower low and that's the first sign of a possible trend change and then, if the next high is a low or high, that would definitely mean a good possibility of continuation to the downside for bitcoin and then bitcoin

Just back Basically, works back into this range and and this is just going to take longer for bitcoin to recover but like i said all coins it. Seems like ethereum has just been holding the market like the ethereum hype Eip1559 is coming in a couple. Days and ethereum obviously has had some upside So again this we, we called this double top and this downside break in group, and you know we talked about it with you guys yesterday, and so i mean there's a point where taking profits not holding down trends. Obviously, if you can skip a 2 000 downside move, helps your portfolio amazing right.

But then the question is: is where's your skill set? Are you able to re-enter so again? One hour chart has had some some downside, maybe you're getting some type of falling channel with a 68 chance of a break to the upside. At some point. Okay, but again, will this next high be higher than the previous high, because, if not again, this could continue to move lower, but again there's a ton of buyers down here. A strong support like they want people are waiting for the best entry. I'Ve got some amazing. Shout outs to give in my trading group this person said remember when i showed you my portfolio at 250 000 and then i said when it hits 500 000. I'M gon na cash out.

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If, you do want to pay with, a card month to month there is a monthly credit card option If you look in. The description of this video there's, a link, to take you directly to the website. These are some, of the recent winners We'Ve had. 47 percent gains 115. 87. 41. 69. 314. 42. 53. This is the bull market percentage and what's happening is if you, if you look over here, you have this previous run up and then pull back right now. It'S essentially you got this bounce. If, if this bounce continues higher, we could see all coins move to the next level of overhead resistance, which would mean about a 20 growth in all coins, maybe 25

This is not necessarily perfect um as far as these percentages goes, but somewhere between 20 and 25 percent altcoin growth is possible is if this continues higher guys. Remember, cava talked to you guys about it a couple times: 11 000 people saw this video on the 24th. There'S news on this: the coins with news you've got to take advantage of the easy money right milk, this market for easy money. Everybody gets attached to the coins that they fall in love with they get emotional over and kava's got a bunch of news, and then you get cov is up 31 and they still have the main net launch coming on the 12th kava swap launch coming on august. The 31st so you're looking for some type of pullback for entry support entry for cava

This is lisk ustt. I talked to you guys about this on the 27th thousand four hundred and seventy seven people saw this take profit levels, main net news, main net version. Three august 24th, easy money list, 64 profits all right. It is not anywhere near august 24th. All right bitcoin pulls back. This pulls back you're. Looking for a support bounce for entry, let's go main net run up version three for lisk. You get the easy money guys like i like easy money. I don't like freaking getting attached to these coins and riding down trends and being depressed because i'm taking losses like that's not for me near okay, so this chart's, not amazing, but they have some news. They'Re rebranding remember when matic rebranded um to polygon and obviously that took off, i'm not saying it's going to do anything near what polygon did, but near is rebranding okay and they pulse markets

Acquired stake gg in the first dao or dao acquisition, open forest launched on near protocol, refinance ref, sale on skyward finance and first incentivized in liquidity pair. They have a ton of news here. They have a partnership with icon. Icx has been hot, okay. So again, a lot of news, a huge number of transactions, so this is something we put on our radar, okay, and so what this means is chart it and wait. Let the price action come to you, it doesn't mean chase chases coin and just buy now right. You want to get an entry where first, what's bitcoin going to do bitcoin you have to just behave now: bitcoin pulls back

This could give a good buying opportunity. I mean you see, you got decent volume coming in here right. You got decent volume coming in here, but if this this pulls back and you get a bounce, you want a higher low for entry. So potentially this would be a good bounce level, because there's this huge block of support right here, okay, then it really likes to run up and kiss the 200. So you might see a move up here, which would be a 50 move out of near okay. If you, if you're not on exchange that has near i'll go over a solution that works amazing in just a second reef, here's another one reef again the charge is not amazing right, but this is september news you got to get a white board write this stuff Down like a business right, enter these coins accordingly, so you can catch these news run-ups right. This is important stuff. I mean we're talking life-changing money here. If you put a little bit of organization skills into tracking these coins and okay, this is coming. This is, and you got it on a whiteboard, it's right there in front of you

Just like you know, you can't go to work with no itinerary. What am i going to do today, we'll just wing it we're just going to sit down on the pc and see what happens no get serious about this now reef has got a debit card coming september, the 30th nft baskets coming september. The 30th we've got a mobile app launch coming september, the 30th. So there's there's time on this right. Potentially this starts running around the beginning of september, okay, but but you have to position yourself now and you're, looking okay number one! If bitcoin does something amazing, then reef breaks out above this level right then and retest, then there's a ton of upside right, but you really, if you could get in at a and again these white blocks over here, show these levels

If you could get in at a lower price again, if you got a bounce here, it would give you this like inverse head and shoulders or if you got to pull back to this level, you'd be looking at like this double bottom reversal idea: okay, i mean The absolute best entry would be down here which would put it at oversold levels on the rsi, so you're thinking ahead and you're thinking. How am i going to position myself to get into it to reef for this run-up? That'S going to happen in september next month. Okay, i know everybody wants life-changing money in a day, but it doesn't work like that

We'Re gon na see, you know some kind of all coin momentum run up, because these these all coins move on a quarterly basis right, because all the news is going to be stacked at the end of the quarters. This all coin hype cycle is going to start playing out like middle to end this month. These coins are going to start moving based on the news, because it's not always stacked at the end of the month, so make sure subscribe to the channel i'll. Keep you guys updated on all kinds of stuff you need to know you guys are not on exchanges where you can buy reef or lisk or near go to the link in the description for bolsa dx

You can get all these coins all the binance coins. All the binance liquidity the coins are held on finance. All you need to sign up here. This is based in latin america. All you need to sign up here is an email address. That'S it! That'S all! Go up here! Change this to english boom. If you click on any one of these coins, click on any one of these coins exact same ui as binance