today in this tutorial I was told about balance the number one platform to buy crypto currency but also to tackle to spend money with his card and have cash back a simple tutorial step and we will see it right now aligot eloi you and if you are new on this channel already welcome me it's julien and on this channel we are talking about finance investment and crypto currency and so if you are already interested do not hesitate to drop a lake at your good chain soul and trigger the little bell to be aware of my latest videos and today we are going to do a new tutorial for sure these tutorials I have already talked about crypto points like and I also talked about that This allows you to generate interest by placing crypto and so here is if you're interested do not hesitate to see them in the tutorial category just below and just after the video so yes there are a lot of tutorials lying around internet in french ais in english but there are a lot of people begging for one i want to have a simple tutorial and julia roman style so that's why i'm writing this tutorial there because i want qu '' it is quick, simple and leaves it explains step by step how to use the balloon and bat nantes application what it is quite simply the number one platform in the rising crypt do it is the one that generates the most volume that has the main calf crypt and which offers services such as snacking that is to say generating interest replacing coins to be encrypted but you can also use the paid card with cash back you can also lend to crypto currency you can buy crypto currency you can leverage times ten times a hundred and therefore not and nantes is really the benchmark for buying crypto in May and trading in sue and I remind you that on each tutorial and 21 chapters in bottom of the video which allows you to go from one chapter to another and say that if you are interested in the banamba card you go to the bind edge if you are interested in snacking kill the stacking period in short a chapter at the bottom that allows you to see and then review each step of my video and I remind you that at this time I won ledger keys is this once a week and for that and well you just have to subscribe lake and the video is released a relevant comment just at the bottom and then I select a comment in the video and well no it's really an app it's really the app yesterday's mass the number one app that practically everyone should have in the crypt to the spheres personally I have been using for four years now and in the mobile phone version whether on android or iphone there is also the computer version and in this video I will show you the computer version but you will see that between the application and the computer there is not a big difference but on the computer we have a larger screen it will be easier to follow the tutorial and if you want to create an account on ba nancy does not hesitate to use my link in descriptions which will allow you to help the chain but also to have a reduction on all the costs that you will have on bein ans and speaking of costs and ben bernanke are very very strong because that in fact the fees on the bats nantes platform are around 0.1 percent and therefore not a year is one of the cheapest in the market in terms of fees and why I use banamba I find that that is exchanging it is to say the most reliable crypto currency buying and exchange platform on the market I trust them blindly and if I had to leave my funds on a platform that would be good by nantes but in cryptom but we are not good sure never safe from hacking on a platform or to n account that's why we are going to take action directly on the bein ans application and I will show you how to secure your account and once you have created an account on bein I remind you which is a link just below in the descriptions and well you are on the home page so here we are on the computer version but you can very well have by nantes on your phone and it's pretty much the same thing and the first thing to do to do is that we will change the language that is to say that I have a lot of people who follow my channel who are in France in Switzerland in Quebec and besides I greet you and bar you can put in French me I have the platform in English because I'm used to that but for the purpose of the video we will play it in French you just have to go here in English and you change to the language you want so me in this case in France and from that moment you have pines in France then the deu xth thing to do is to really secure your account it is very important if you have investment from susi was making crypto but you must absolutely secure your account and for that you go to the security tab here so just below the profile logo you go to security and here you have to activate the 2f has in fact it is the whole fact wholesale authentication two-factor authentication which will allow you to authenticate your identity by your password but also by a second factor you can also authenticated by sms in addition but also by email and personally I have armored my security on bynes with my password the google authenticator the sms and the email but you should know that the more stage you have more security is longer to make transfers so in general minimum password and google authenticator and once you've done that and well your account is already quite secure now let's see how to buy crypto currency on lease no and to buy crypto you just go to the side wallet in the wallet overview and you can buy influenza the who either 1 credit card or by bank transfer and for this you simply go to the deposit tab right here you deposit fiat so the fiat if all that is happy and dollars was the classic currency you click on it then you select the currency you want to deposit so in the occurrence us it is the euro and you choose either by bank transfer you see that there are these routes costs in bank transfer it is a little longer it takes about two or three days but on the other hand there is no fees or otherwise you can do it by credit card and sometimes swing my offers promotions that allow you to deposit euros in your by nantes account at a lower cost or even 0 and if you want to make a transfer here you just have to fill in the mon so much so let's admit 100 euros you keep going and it reminds you that in fact the funds must come from a tale where there is your name and your first name you do confirmed and then on your classic bank you enter the references which went to the right therefore you simply add a beneficiary and a beneficiary you put the balance with all the information that talla and then you make a transfer to valence it's as if you make a classic change to a person or a company and if you want to do it by credit card and well you choose the bank card tab here you enter the amount you put your card information and you continue you see that here at 1.80 euros fees and you will receive 98.20 so here you are if you are in a hurry and use the credit card if you are not in a hurry use the bank transfer and this is the technique to pay zeros to your banon account and I will then show you how to convert taiseux rohan bitcoin or into another crypto currency e but before that I will show you how to transfer crypto from another platform let's say kraken when they drop or encrypt to the point like verbal do not know so you go back let's go up in English wallet that goes on skins that goes in poses and crypto here you choose the crypto you want to deposit on the balance application so in this case to make it very simple we will say that the state of bitcoin on crypto points as you want to send it to badlands so you choose bitcoin here and here we give you an address to which you have to transfer your bitcoin is therefore simply on krypton points as kraken yukon drops and bah when you are in the withdrawals of its applications there and well you enter the address that you have here so here you can copy and there cole is sure that a drop to make a withdrawal from campbell a bat nantes so here it is the destination address it is the address where they decide to send the funds is here as r Beaten network choose the btc networks since the bitcoin is on the bitcoin networks is if you want to go back that is to say send crypto from lease nantes / crypto dot com or remove 0 from the bynes application on your account classic banking eh well you simply go in withdrawal and a withdrawal to remove the ban years crypto currency and well you simply choose the crypto that you want to send which let's admit it is bitcoin is here you put the address of destination and to have the destination address and well you go to the application on which you are going to send it is bitcoin so let's admit you go to krypton points like and you go on deposited we give you an address and this address safe destination crypto points as you place it here in the tab address of destination of bern ans was bitcoin so will go banana on the crypto dot com application and if you want to withdraw euros and put them on your bank account ue classic you have to have them previously exchanged and therefore you must have exchanged bitcoin against euro and from that moment you can send your euros to your classic bank account and therefore let's admit g20 on the balance application I go to the fiat tab here always in withdrawal I choose the euros and we can make either a transfer by bank transfer or by bank card so there you see that in this case I have 32 36 euros on my account bein ans so I can either choose the maximum here I am told that I will receive 31.56 euros and you see by bank transfer they take 80 cents and that's if you make a bank transfer site uses the bank card it's a little more expensive in terms of fees it's 1% so there I will be removed 32 trails if you do by credit card it's a percent of the transaction so a little more expensive but it's instantaneous and so that's just how buy cryptocurrency c ow to transfer it how to recover it and before showing how to buy cryptocurrency and well let's go through the bing home page very quickly so here I am still in the wallet tab and living together of the wallet we have all of the crypto currency and all of the amount that we have on the platform, whether on the spot wallet, i.e

the main wallet but also the card tab the savings tab will xterra therefore the view of '' entire wallet here you can hide or visit the total amount that you have in your wallet and then in your main wallet thadde under wallet so you have your spot wallet or main account in French and here we show you all the crypto currency that you have here so in this case me I must have high dance of excited state and full of crypto currency there but you can also have the margin wallet or the more odi wallet euse which allows you to deal with leverage for years and we will see that in a moment you also have the savings portfolio which allows you to generate interest on the Monaco crypto and to deposit on valence can also long the cards we will pass review those there you have the pool and many other options and site to pay happy from your classic bank account to the pendulum application ben you can immediately buy crypto but from the heroes you have on the platform and if you have problems sending heroes from your classic bank account / bein ans and well I recommend you to use the application n 26 that I use personally and which poses no problem to pay zeros on bayonne or on crypto dot com or crack a hill down and c is to withdraw them so I personally use n 26 to bridge my classic and mundane bank account is a link just below if you want to create u n count on 26 it's totally free to a free card and the application is top top top and therefore to exchange zeros in crypto i.e

buy bitcoin from inside the polka dot etc eh well you just go in the trade and in os tab and you can use the convert long tab convert them it is a very very simple version to buy the crypto but in a fraction of a second and sita has paid zeros from your bank account to your beinhorn account you can simply put euros here and buy directly from the beacon here and so if I bought 32 euros of bitcoin the paper image on max here I previewed the conversion and I will be offered 000 66 56 and bitcoin alas wrote the quote has expired quite simply because in fact the short song every second and therefore they offer you a conversion at the moment t and if it is too late you will have been able to update the short change here and you have five seconds to convert here and if you see them not you can return so in general you can exchange euros for bitcoin is from there you can buy lots of other cryptocurrency once you have gone through bitcoin but you can also buy from the eu sdt elected sdtc what well it's just a coyne style it's indexed to the dollar so it looks as if you bought dollars but in crypto version and it's quite practical pers the german me i use him svt for buy crypto because with it sdt hand you can buy lots of other crypto currency so let's admit tesoro you want it exchanged in usd stubborn but here euros and if you put the maximum if you want to exchange the maximum and you convert and you will have 38 usd you are here and then it will allow you to exchange your dtcc unstable alcon so that is to say that the course will not change for another thun trip and I will show you the technique a little more advanced to buy crypto itself and you will see it is going to be very very simple and for that you go to the trade tab is here and you go to advanced and there you access the market once you have arrived on the market in fact you have different tabs so here you have all the curves of the crypto currency therefore read the bitcoin in relation to it sdt so here we have a loss that is to say that the bitcoin is indexed on it and those of summer I remind you that it and those of summer that's all simply the back there in crypto version and therefore they do not fluctuate so like that you know how much bitcoin is worth against the dollar so there you see that it has 57 thousand dollars or 48 1500 euros so here you have the curve is here I am sure of the daily so each candle represents a day but if you don't want the daily you want to see much more precisely and the last hours in well you can go on the last 4 hours so each candle represents 4 hours where you can go on each hour or even go on fifteen minute s see here every five minutes noche la cour five minutes you want us to have a bullish candle here and here you have the volume all the way down and if we had a lot of volume only to return to the five-minute candle and you can also come back to the week is also at least here one man 1 m so there you see that the last months it was not bad too but in general I put it on time here it allows to have a hindsight pretty cool and so here we have the order books so here we have all the people who sell and issue the amount here and all the people who buy right here and if you place an order here i'll show you that in a moment and a bath in fact we order will be displayed here with the little yellow arrow and let's admit we will buy beacon against eu sdt so first you must have usb so you are either converted from euros or us from been or either converted crypto to usd and loved you need eu sdt to buy bitcoin because here we have the btc usd / t pair and so let's admit here I want to exchange but usd / t against bitcoin and well I'm going to place an order here so I'm going to buy I can fix either united you are buying s 'was bought a specific short or either I will not buy at the market price so there you see that the market price is about 57 thousand 130 dollars so I will buy it at that price but if you want to buy it cheaper you can place a limit order it's right here and so let's admit i will buy the bitcoin at 56000 160 dollars i write it if i put the amount i want to have and i want to buy a small fraction so 0.001 bitcoin i call back that we do not have to buy a whole beat cole but you page it is a fraction of a crypt with the currencies and thus the jemaye 0.001 bitcoins which corresponds to 56 dollars I then bought btc here and we tells me that my buy order is placed and in the open orders just below and we are going to enter indicates q ue you have placed an order that is to say that you spent when buying bitcoin against luxury summer i.e

that you are going to exchange and we usd / t against bitcoin when the bitcoin has reached 56 thousand dollars 160 for an amount of 0.001 bitcoin and which corresponds to 56 dollars and therefore when the price of bitcoin will fall to 56 1000 $ if it falls to 56000 beyond an order will therefore pass is redeemed time 0.001 bitcoin against 56 dollars and if you are wrong in the amount or if you want to cancel his order eh well you press cancel here and one order disappears and if ever you buy bitcoin so 0.001 bitcoin is want to sell it later eh well you are going to sell here you put the amount of bitcoins that you have so 0.001 bitcoin so that's what you just bought and you want to sell it a little more expensive and if you put the amount you want to sell so let's admit if I want sell it for 58 thousand dollars I liked 58 thousand dollars here I sell it dre btc so I would sell them for 58 dollars my order is placed and when the bitcoin reaches the fifty-eight thousand dollars eh well I will sell but 0.001 bitcoin for 58 dollars and so that allows you to buy cheap and resell on the wheels and so had to trade with a leverage x 1 and if you are going to buy other crypto but apart from bitcoin you bought let's admit ada is here on the sphere you choose ada and has always obsolete was therefore you were trading usd / t against ada you chose the ada pair usd / t located to buy ada against 2 heads chosen here buy if on the other hand you had to ada and you want to exchange it for stubborn usb sells therefore general death I don't use the market tab here because we never know if there is a big big candle that appears on the minute and in fact we will buy a lot more expensive so in general what I do is that I press market and immediately press limits and shame x of a fixed price so it's roughly market price but at least we see the amount at which we buy I still have my senses ada and I made buy and so here is how to buy crypto but of very simple way so in general I have converted but 0 against the eu sdt and after my eyes those of summer I exchange them against the crypto whether it is from the beacon the terrariums of the cadotte pole so here I am showing you very very just how to buy cryptocurrency but you can buy in another way which is much riskier with leverage but if you are someone who launches you into the crypt at the helm he does not even know in terms of trading I recommend you not to go on it but for people who are experienced who want to trade i.e

use leverage so here we no derivative teeth went to 'future' usd m and so here we will use the leverage and to use the effects of leverage vier to send funds from your wallet spot his land your main wallet to your rubber wallet because they are really two different wallets and for that you have to go in wallet and in wallet at chase just here then you go to transfer here and So you are going to transfer your usd / t from your spot wallet had behaved main fact on your futurebook wallet let's admit it I'm going to put $ 50 on my wallet boring you make confirmed the transfer is successful and then you go to derivatives fioutch justice y were $ 50 will be settled on this particular wallet so I already had dollars on it so now I have $ 626 and what actually allows this future tab to crowd out using leverage c 'that is to say that for a sum of let us admit of 10.0 site uses a leverage x 10 then already I do not recommend to use the leverage effects it in any case of the effects s of leverage already above x 10 already said it's already huge but to round it off let's say you have 10 euros and sites use the leverage effect once said it's as if you bet more 10 euros but 100 euros so now let's take a concrete example if let's admit I'm going to bet bitcoin upwards or downwards eh well I'm going to choose the pair here so the btc against the mute this detector reminds you that you have to have humility in your wallet spot send it to your wallet or killer so here we see that we have lots of different crypto currencies that are backed by it s summer so we had to btc we had rigidity we had to teta we made sense but we have sleep we have light coyne in short we have plenty of cryptome that is not on which we can be helped so if you really want to trade on the short term you can put the graph on the last five minutes so there we see that this 'is rather bullish so we could be wagered on the downside but this is is really randomly there is nothing very constructed it is just simply to show you the principle and how we do it so here you have either isolated or crossed I recommend isolating it because in fact crossing these sites to several trades and cta a trade which is failing in fact the failing trade will take on your other traits so in fact it will cross everything is steep so I do not recommend you at all to take the train of cross must take in isolated it is there that it will be a trade appears each trade will be separated from the other trades so here I put isolated is here let's admit I will put a leverage x 10 so the 99 it's just huge it's suicidal limit so the jemaye an effect of leverage x 10 that is to say that if I say dollars to myself it was as if I told myself 100 dollars and therefore let's admit Thursday did not have ration but bitcoin takes 10% in fact it will not take 10% of $ 10 this term staked kg mid May 10% 200 dollars and so I g Agnera $ 10 what it will take 110 dollars and so admitting I will bet up and I predict that the price of bitcoin will go up so here I can either limit or at the market price so here we see that the price of bitcoin is at 57 thousand dollars we wanted to bet about 10 dollars so I will bounce to 0 002 which corresponds here to 12 dollars and so that will be the sum that I am going to bet and that I can lose I can lose that 12 dollars and I can not lose more but by putting a leverage x 10 and well it will not be 12 $ which will be supported but it would be as if I bet the equivalent of 122 dollars because I am indeed leverage x 10 and I would lose the $ 12 if let's admit the beacon price drops 10% because the dollar 12 equals 10% of the total closed $ 124 and so if the price drops 10% I will be completely liquidated and I would lose my 12 dollars and therefore the more the leverage is important the more v ou can have winnings and more you can also be liquidated very easily so you have to be very very careful so admitting i predict the beacon will go up so i use the buy or languages tab and if i want to bet out the decline I will short and where to sell so tebi kon 58 miles 0.21 eh well I put the amount here so 0.002 I made buy long here and know my order is placed in a fraction of a second and it showed the deal was made with the leverage times said that you see that I have the pnl so there it is the profit and loss and serves what I won or what I lost and so there on this trade I bet on the rise there is not at all the fundamentals xi just to show you I have no idea if it will go up or down the market the very very volatile and therefore in fact my order will be liquidated when the bitcoin is if the beacon and goes down to 50 from 1426 and so either here I can cancel my o rdre by pressing the market and therefore my order will be closed directly and also put stops loss i.e

thresholds at which I want to limit the loss but I can also define technophiles i.e. death from from which I want to take my profits and for that and well I click on the little pencil right here so there we see my entry price I bought beacon at $ 58,000 0 18 and let's admit I want to sell when the bitcoin has hit the 60,000 so I therefore put 60 nights here and indicated that I will earn 4 dollars so it will be after platform fees and I was also able to set a threshold to limit my losses so let's admit I bought at 58 dollars and i say to myself if its down below 56000 i will close my position is so here i am going to put fifty six thousand dollars consider 2000 dollars below the current price and i am told i would lose $ 4 if i will close my position at that moment and vo il I defined the stops there that is to say that I will limit the loss and I also defined the text benefited besides the knows to which I want to sell but bitcoin is therefore closed my position and if I am of okay with that and bunge was then able to confirm here and the trustee information just down or right next to the court and so next to that I can also ride other helpers so I can choose to pair here so if I want to do adha I can do it I can do the gld and start a trade on it so it works betting so here I am careful to choose isolated to isolate everything but trade I am confirmed I chose the leverage but it can be a leverage x 2 x 5 in short a weak leverage and so let's admit I see that the jld has gone up here I say to myself I am going to bet on the bs and well I do the same principle is therefore here I put the amount from which and I will bet downwards so let's admit 145 dollars ars I put long of jld which at 145 dollars so let's admit I will put 05 th jld and then I press sell or shirt and is therefore if I want to close my position also I am not comfortable or if j made a mistake and well I can withdraw my position which I did earlier so btc usd / t and I just press on market here and so I get my eyes back sdt I will make my position and I get my eyes the summer ones here in the main balance and if you want to take away the usd / tq you have mostly your ster leverage counter the fruitful count and well you go on foot thing here makes you transfer swap you and the two so we want more spots sharpen something but fuel to spot unfortunately here you put the amount of which this one admit I want to pay 10 dollars I have it confirmed here and the transfer and succeeds so here is how to change from one wallet to another and so now let's go to the stacki tab ng de bynum because in fact you can generate interest on the platform by placing crypt rhne and for that you go to the finances tab here and from below and our young people and if you can stack and the crypt tour therefore generate interest and therefore here you can either blocked cryptocurrency or not in blocks is therefore here in the flexible tab we can tackle from the crypt to the monastery generate interest by placing crypto currency and this from way not blocked so there you are told that you have 1.20 percent interest on bitcoin is therefore the 1.20% cdu annual so it pays there therefore its annual paid so it is an annual rate knoxy admit placing you 100 $ of bitcoin on bayonne and well you will have at the end of the year a dollar goes in interest and therefore you also have two crypto is not like the b us of the elected summer where the one inch and to see the others and you go on more and you develop the other cryptocurrency and the we see that there is also stacking on ada at 1.45% the algo and what is cool is that in fact you can use automatic stacking, i.e

whenever you have from the eu sdt ben you can stack it and automatically calm it down and I check here I am told that I will have an annual rate of 6% I have validated the conditions here I make confirmed transfers and automatically when I will have eu sdt eva it will be stored at 6% and therefore you can do that on any price that can lead to it, that is to say that each time you will have crypto currency and well in fact will be placed and will generate interest automatically and if you want to stop this simply you uncheck the box here and that's it and therefore you either have the possibility of stacking in a flexible way if your crypto currency is not blocked but you can also block them and you have interests that so nt much higher so let's admit I have him sdt I will not use it for the next few weeks well I can decide to generate interest on him sdt so the cij the block for seven days I will have 6 31% if I block for 14 days 6 48 30 days if 66 and 90 7% and in fact the percentages are per year and therefore young English and rather nice because we can generate interest from its crypt to the model is often on bagnols / offers you promotions and that's pretty cool and sometimes we have quite interesting rates and so it allows stacking and so I have two to generate interest automatically whether in flexible or by blocking on a certain period which can go from 7 days to 90 days and on lease nantes what is rather cool is that you you can use your card bein ans to spend your crypto currency and this in the life every day and for that and you go to banshee visa card justice y es t so that allows you to spend your crypto currency in everyday life circus if you want to buy on amazon if you want to buy from laura merling carrefour in short you can use your card so I have my physical card is here so clearly go - blow the less solid which the crypto point com card which is here in metal because yes the balance card it is in plastic but go free that is the difference between the two between the by nantes card and crypto points as it is quite simply that bat nancy you can leave your crypto currency and there will be a conversion which will be done automatically from the moment you spend with the card bein sure crypto points as you must already convert crypto into euros and put your euros on the force urban ans card we can say that for example I will spend with my baby I will spend with my bitcoin in short there is no business conversion and the conversion will take place a only at the time of the transaction and therefore during the moment and so this is the big advantage of the bein card is that there is no need to make a conversion beforehand and therefore you can therefore decide on which crypto to take when you spend your expenses so in this case it is not a game can spend with my bnb of the btc and in fact I just have to say that here I prefer that I use my bsd rather than my babies but bitcoin is every time you spend the bein ans card in fact you will have a cash back and that is according to the number of bnb that you have on the platform over the last 30 days so they will take an average of number of bnb and according to this average there and according to what you have in bnb you will have a more or less important percentage and even if you do not have the physical card you can still spend your crypto with the virtual card which is directly on the application and therefore if you do it is online shopping on amazon or hot you can use your virtual card and the cash back will be done automatically on the platform you would be paid in bnb and often people ask me how you do to find the latest news that will be listed on bath pendulum you simply go to badge support to put the link in descriptions and which allows you to have the latest news to know which crypto currency is going to be listed and to be current in relation to the lists ims urban between the promotions and the innovations of the platform and here is for the tutorial beiner especially cheetah doubt question do not hesitate to put them in comment I will try to answer as much as possible and if you want me to do two low tutorial videos do not hesitate to put the platform on which you want me to do and so here it is in any case I hope that this video you have more I remind you that it goes elsewhere the chapter has just e down to see and review my tutorial on bin ans do not hesitate to drop a like if this video you have more suitable subscribers for all of my latest videos and leave a comment just below to win a ledger key here there I tell you see you soon for a new video wear yourself well acha