BEST WAYS TO BECOME POPULAR! || Nerd VS Hottie by 123 Go! Genius!

BEST WAYS TO BECOME POPULAR! || Nerd VS Hottie by 123 Go! Genius!

I'M definitely feeling this song yep it's official. This is my new jam wow. This party turned out better than i expected. Oh punch, that looks good. Oh my god, jennifer we're wearing the same outfit. Oh, no you're, totally right we're dressed the same. This is why i wanted to plan our outfits - oh no. I didn't mean to do that. So sorry, are you kidding me now, i'm soaked so sorry totally not sorry later alligator. I can't believe this is happening to me. I don't even know what to do about this wait. I think i just came up with a solution. First i'll need to take off my shirt and put it on a flat surface. Now the scary part time to start cutting with some scissors i'll just cut off the collar and the sleeves entirely. Actually, what i really need is the image on the front of the shirt everything else can go over here for now time for more cutting just a little fold and a little snip i'll do that on both sides top to bottom now i'll slide this over and Open it up for the next step, the inside top corners need to be folded down time to bring back the strips we cut earlier i'll, just give them a little stretch and lay them in between the two shirt pieces.

Now, it's time to start weaving i'll, Just go back and forth like lacing a shoe. I want it tight, but not too tight i'll start at the top and go all the way to the bottom, And when i get to the end i'll tie the strips together. Okay, flip it over and straighten it out, and just like that, i made a new shirt: just tighten each side, so it's a perfect fit super cute. Now i'm ready for the party whoa look at jennifer. That'S right! I'M back everyone out of our way: ava, hey jennifer! You look great. What just happened. I'M standing right here. You made that shirt yourself, no way jennifer and her dumb cute shirt. Just gon na check my notifications. Oh, everyone has a cute photo, but me , wait. I have an idea. Yeah david will work. Just fine, oh crud, he's with jennifer. Oh she's brushing his coat off now . What who does she think she is? She thinks she's so special because she's with david cute photos, cute photos wait a second i can make this work just got ta make sure no one else is around and here's david's stuff bingo

He won't mind if i borrow these. This is gon na be great. Just gon na slip, my arms into the pant legs got ta get my phone ready, auto timer mode is turned on put my hands in the shoes and take the picture. It totally worked. Look at all those likes: , nice picture annie, but i know the truth, and now everyone else does too better luck next time. What is she talking about? Oh my gosh. No way out of my way, oh got ta take this down. I still think it was a good idea, time to mist my plant to keep it healthy, , spray spray spray. You like that plant, hey jennifer. Why are you spraying me? I'M not a plant oops! Sorry! I just get enthusiastic about plant care, but don't worry i can't fix it. Give me your glasses, yeah, they're, pretty wet all right, , more spraying will fix them. Jennifer

What are you doing? Trust me. This is gon na be great . Do your favorite pose that's gon na turn out great ooh, even better one with a big smile. Oh these turned out great seriously come look. Wow you weren't kidding. Let'S take one together a funny one: let's do a really artsy one got ta make sure my makeup is on. Oh, my gosh is that kate she looks like a corpse. I have never seen that skin tone on a living person before good morning. Annie, it's nice to see you uh. I i said good morning is something wrong. Oh uh, are you kidding me kate, look at yourself but be prepared. You'Ve been warned. Oh you're right, my skin looks so pale. Have i always been so pale and i've just never noticed before yeah? Unfortunately, you have oh but you're in luck, cause i can help you you'll see i'll make you look. Amazing just need my tools of the trade i'll need this baby oil and this makeup and then i'll need this. Stick too. First things first i'll need to scrape up some of this makeup with the stick.

It'S time for the next step time for the baby oil to do its magic, we'll need to take the cover off the oil and now we'll need the powder again i'll use the stick to scoop some of the powder up and then drop the powder into the Oil look: the powder is dissolving in the oil. Okay, that's enough i'll, put the cap back on now. It'S time to shake the bottle. Look. The baby oil has changed. Color, pretty kate. Look what i have a solution for your crisis. This will help you with your pale problem. Are you sure this will work? Trust me just put some on your skin and you'll look amazing. Well, i guess i could give it a try i'll just start with a little bit, not too much okay, and i guess the next step is. I have to actually try it i'll rub it on my cheeks and then on. My arm too can't forget that i have two arms wow. I can't believe it. It'S working. I already look less pale. It'S like. I have a youthful glow about me. You were right, annie,

This helped a lot ah you're glowing so much wow. My skin looks absolutely radiant time for some education. Oh, my goodness, there seems to be a literal sun in my classroom. Oh science you're the best. I really do love you, okay, today's the day, you can do it time to be brave and confess my love to kate's deep breath. Okay, excuse me, kate, oh hi, is there something i can help you with? I just um just wanted to um

Well, i brought you this flower, you brought this rose for me really, oh, thank you. You'Re welcome. I saw it and it made me think about you and how you like bought me. Oh my gosh. What kate is getting roses when i'm right here? Oh, that is just i can't even wait. What'S this on the bulletin board huh a flower delivery service, this could be the answer to my problem. Knock knock. I'Ve got flowers for a lucky lady in this classroom. Someone in this class is getting all these lovely roses. These flowers are for kate. Oh, that's me yep! These flowers are meant for you, You better go get them here.

You go Oh wow. Thank you. I'Ve never been sent flowers before they smell so good too so fragrant. Thank you. So much all in a day's work tip. Please wait tip yeah, i'm the delivery guy delivery, but i thought you were giving me these flowers. I can't believe she thought that guy was giving her flowers well um. I think i have money somewhere. Well, it's it's Not money, but maybe it will work here. You go. Sir, are you kidding me? What is this you're tipping me in buttons? I'M so sorry, i don't have anything else. It'S fine enjoy your flowers. I went from feeling good to feeling bad. I don't even want these flowers anymore. You should have seen the look on your face. Annie. Do you want these flowers? Wait? You want to give me your flowers,