BEST RAMEN IN MELBOURNE - HAKATA GENSUKE | Melbourne Food Guide | Australia

BEST RAMEN IN MELBOURNE - HAKATA GENSUKE | Melbourne Food Guide | Australia

, , hey guys, welcome back to another episode of 2 hungry diners we made Peter and only is filming behind the cameras. Hey guys in this episode, we're gon na review, one of the best and still one of the most popular ramen shop. In Melbourne, it's called the hot against ok, they remain professional. It was first opened back in 2014 in the heart of Melbourne CBD on Russell Street, and we believe it was one of the first from ensure that McMahon Linnaean took their

I meant more seriously cuddly, They have several branch across Melbourne, the Russell Street, the Queen Victoria, the Horton branch, one in the Westfield Mall, and also the content area, and also they have one branch Now in Western Australia, the Russell Street one is still one of the Most popular and the often planted queues outside of the restaurants, but luckily for us, since we live in Hawthorne, we have one branch that is close to where we live right. Now it's the hotend branch right behind us anyway, guys in the background history. Let'S go and have a bowl of ramen inside of the restaurant right now, and each of the customer has this own high, just like when you order. So for today's I'm gon na go for the time capsule signature menu.

Actually, the noodle - I like it very very hard because that's how I like the texture of my noodles saltiness, I'm gon na go normal. I want a spring onion, it's that's it. The rest is just the topping. So if you want to get some extra toppings, something show me you can take one of these boxes as well, but for now I'm just gon na get the signature with the very saltiness spring onion, it's very creepy okey. You know so the soup itself has been created based on the hosta stock, which has been created for like three days and stacks

That'S those that what flavor dog - Oh, it's really like, meaty, rich and creamy, it's a little bit of garlic as well, So it offers your brow and the funky me deeply. That'S really really good! All by the way. We also order the seaweed and an ax SSI you're gon na pay extra Lynette. The hero of this one is, of course, the ramen and the broad side. I haven't tried to chase you but good. What a party touch him: ! That piece of meat is really tender. I mean it literally melting about. So that's impudent. It popped Like me, you still have a lot of option in this restaurants.

Not only the Romans but also you can order side dishes like chicken, karaage rice with main title or Quattro, and I also ordered the a being spring roll. The Quattro is the hero, so I've seen it spicy chicken karaage dip it with the sauce on the side. So what juicy crunchy on the outside, with two different sauces, really good spring, though very crunchy inside it's Eddie, really fresh well, This ball is really really good. Nice texture of the noodle is really hard, which I, like the broth is Poppy's main screen is rich as well.

That'S my system is really really good: another day, another great bowl of ramen. I just got my hair cut and right now I am in front of the hawk up against okay cutie branch that only self chicken ramen. So if you guys look for an encore best ramen like me, this is probably one of the best option you can get in Melbourne, plus it . So if customer has got its own cut, so you can customize and order your ornament. I'Ve cited a signature Tory ramen with spring onion, normal noodles textures, normal saltiness, and a special topping seaweed and flavor egg can wait. Why I mean here smells so good guys,

I'M gon na have a sip of the Super's. Oh, oh my god. This is shorty. Look at the surface of this chair. It'S just like layer of wet chicken with. Basically, oh my God, look at that. Deliciousness super civility is like an essence of chicken in one we're currently described like perfectly the three pieces of chicken cloud shield, chicken business is so so SuperDuper and good Into perfection. How in the world? Oh , ah quilters perfect for that bowl of ramen. For me, since I can eat most of the ramen in Japan. This is like my dreams. Come true tonight.

In order that you can black tonkatsu looks really good, so fatty, so creepy we superfluous . So I covers your mouth. It'S really good! That Leila dough is so so good. You can take the chickens off its really see. That'S next! All I can say it's really things really really and really delicious or Moodle is very, very nice. That'S how I, like my ramen, perfect texture for material, is combined with a suit. It'S really perfect: bowl of ramen super kind of illogical, really good , , so nice. That was really really good, really good. It wasn't my regular because the price is quite expensive for me, but if I want to get like one of the best or if not a taste of Japan, then this is probably one or the restaurant that I only always consider it now.

The soup is really thick creamy, you know it's very fatty meaty. You can customize it and I really like it really hard which they have. I can't really complain about it except a price a little bit on the expensive side, but I know over the years that if you want to get the best, then you're gon na pay for the best. For me, the pork in the chicken it doesn't make any difference. Both are really really good, really amazing, bowl of noodles. What about you? Of course I can. Oh, let's ride the chicken, so I always said this is the worst Akira movie.

This is from us, So if you looking for a good bowl of ramen, when you visit Maryland, then consider a cat again CK yeah the ramen shop, but this one is always the best. You always find a queue outside of the restaurant, especially in the city yeah. That says something: it's really really good yeah and you can't go wrong with this one. No can't go wrong so guys if you like this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our channel