hi, my name is Janice and I hope you're all doing well. In today's video we're gon na be solely focused on one food item. You can probably tell what it is by the title of my video, but we are going to be checking out. Five different places in Sydney that does really good ramen. This is gon na, be a video. That'S gon na take multiple days for me to film, but for you it's gon na, be I don't know how many minutes, but it's gon na, be like in one nicely packaged video. It is a very rainy and cold Saturday here today, which is perfect for ramen. I'Ve got my brother with me to help me eat some food today, which is great, but we are heading to our first destination, for today, you'll find out where it is

We have just arrived at neutral bay, they're swimming like amazing, restaurant and cool things To do here. Like one day, I probably have to do an episode just a mutual babe, but for now we are heading to our first ramen location book. Today, yosaku ramen, , we've just arrived at Osaka, run it and we have ordered just one of their classics. Really it's a shin-osaka ramen. It comes to 1480 and the the ramen flavor that we've chosen is the tonkatsu sure you, sir. As I understand it, there are three main things most important to a ramen, first of which is the broth and then the noodles and then the condiments. So of course the first thing I'm gon na be doing is tasting the broth. There is a huge depth of flavor, like you can really taste the pork flavor there. Okay second thing that we're gon na be tasting is the actual noodles itself. I don't want to Let it sit in the book, the too long as otherwise it gets like so Keegan's

That'S the noodles are very, very chewy, It'S not soggy at all, which is what you don't want. Lastly, but definitely not least, let's have a look at the condiments, It'S a very simple ramen. The one that we chose is pretty much just sliced pork with some bamboo shoots and slice of nori here is that piece of beautiful fatty pork. I mean just look at that piece of pork. It'S like a layer of fat on the outside, but then there's like these patterns of fat in between as well, it's soft and it's like no in your mouth overall, it's it's really really delicious. It'S ooh, it's some hearty and it definitely hits the spot. It'S just the combination of the broth and then the really chewy noodles and then the melts in your mouth and slices of pork Wow. It'S alright. We are done with our first location. Let'S go and check out the second location now on to our next location, which is actually just five minutes: walk away.

What are you doing? I'Ll pay you back for our second location, we have just arrived at Ichiban Dori and what we've ordered is one of the signature, which is the soy cert chargrilled, chashu ramen and honestly I cannot wait. Usually it is a lot more crowded impact, but because we came here quite early, it is like 5:30, where the rush of the dinner hour hasn't started. That'S why we're able to get a spot? Okay rod has just arrived and, first and foremost, of course, we're gon na have to taste the broth. The Broughton is rum and it's a little bit different to the one we had at the first place we went to in that. It is not as thick as as that one

Having said that, the the amount of flavor in this broth is equally amazing, there's a pork flavor to it, but then there's also a chicken flavor and looking at the menu it does use burners and chicken bows. Well, I really love the soup, but of course I have to try the noodles, the noodles aren't Sony, which is, and thirdly, but definitely not least, we need to try the condiments first up on this list. Is this amazing piece of meat when I picked it up with my chopstick it just like completely fell apart, which hits to me that it is extremely tender. It'S soft and beautiful and everything you want in a piece of cork, really . Okay, now that I've finished this bowl, let's quickly talk about like this bowl of ramen. The broth is great, like I personally like crust that aren't as thick. So I like that it wasn't as sort of dense, but it still had like pork, flavor and chicken flavor to it. The noodles were great, like it wasn't so here anything in terms of the condiments there's like a lot of variety there, the vegetables soaked up the flavor of the broth, so it tasted really good

Oh yeah, the egg was beautiful as well. So overall, I really enjoyed this bowl of ramen and the third place on our list for today is a place called Rios and noodles. This is a very popular ramen restaurant here in Sydney it originally started in crow's nest. In 2003 and every single time I Drive part of that place, There is a line of people waiting outside. So today we're at the Bondi Junction restaurant. There is relatively less people here and I came here really early like ten minutes before they opened because I'm so eager so without further ado. Let'S go in and try it famous, so they have like a top five ranking of noodles and of course I went for the one. That'S ranked number one.

So what I've got is the pork soy sauce soup, as with every single boil ramen that we've had the first thing we got to do is, of course, taste the broth. I will refrain from repeating myself over and over again, so here's why I think this is good. The pork flavor is very, very strong, and yes, it is pork and soy sauce, but it's like not overly salty, but it doesn't even make sense. It'S got a very good depth of flavor, but it's not too thick that it's kind of like. Oh, I need a glass of water. Do you know what I mean? I like the broth? Let'S try the noodles

Okay, he's Why I like about it and they're, Really chewy. The flavors of the broth is like attached to the noodles. So, even though I'm eating noodles on its own, I can still taste the broth, but definitely not least, it's very, very important to a bowl of ramen, The condiments they're, not chewy, like very soft they're kind of like the broth itself, but in solid foam. You know in a lot of the ramen, they give you like a large piece of seaweed, and I I never really know what to do with it. I just like dunk it in the soup and then get it gets all soft and stuff in there and then I just like eat it. I think that's what you're supposed to do. I really don't know if just let me know I honestly would come here just for the pork slices . I was really good. . Okay, you might be wondering what are we doing in a park? We were just about to go into rah rah rah man are we supposed to be in the restaurant good question? The reason we're sitting out here is because I've already had my ramen

It was great, but the music was really loud and the sound didn't turn out too well. So I am filming my commentary of the noodles, while I'm here, I'm actually seated right next to the road, so the sound might actually be worse, and if it is, I apologize in advance. Okay anyway, let's just get into it. Let'S just evaluate the noodles based on the three criteria is that we've set for ourselves heard the broth

I said it was very creamy a little bit salty and had a good porky flavor to it. It wasn't too thick, which is what I love. I don't like Brats that are too like viscous and I thought like it paid quite well with the noodles. What did I write? The noodles got a lot of chew. So personally I like that, a lot. That'S exactly what I wrote. You know how there's like undercooked overcooked. It was like just over undercooked, which is like exactly how I like noodles so very chewy. It was perfect with the creamy and then and there's salty broth and then the condiments or the toppings

So there were like four main topics that they gave. It was the massive piece of cashew. They had the egg, they had the fungus and also they had the shallots. But what I really wanted to talk about is the piece of pork, the char shoe. It was a It was pretty thick and big piece of pork. There was, you know, a little bit of fat around it, it's nice and soft, but if I had to compare it with another bowl that I had earlier today, which was a trios ramen, I think that the pork there is the softest and the most buttery I've Ever had anyway, that is it for now we have one more location that we need to hit, which I will not go today, because I've already had two bowls of ramen for breakfast and lunch so we'll hit that another day,

We have just arrived at young Shara for our last ramen. For this video now come. Shara is like a place where a lot of my friends, like absolutely love, if I ask them with their favorite ramen place, is Sydney. This is where it's at, I think, think, of Shara a few times, but personally I find they brought a little bit too thick for my liking, but the thing is: if there are so many of my friends that absolutely love this place, there, probably a lot of People that really love like really thick tonkotsu broth as well. So as our last ramen place, I'm gon na be including this one

So what I'm having today is the tonkotsu ramen noodles. It comes to $ 13.50. They do have a notice up on the machine or the counter where they says. If the broth is technique, they can adjust it for you. I didn't ask for any adjustment, I'm just having it at you, So yeah. Let me let me show you what this ramen is all about, like we've done in all our of the rum and places. The first thing that we are going to do is to taste the broth. When I was like trying to move the noodles away, you can see like a really thin layer on top that it's like solidified. That'S how I think the broth is, there's also a notice that says they don't use. They don't use any signal like cornstarch or potato starch. They use only core food and water and they use cotton 50 kilos for food every day.

It is really really thick, but it is like really cool flavor. It is quite salty as well. I don't think it's too salty. I think it it's just at that, like benchmark thing where, if there's like more salt, then it's too salty, it's just right. Okay, let me try the noodles, because the broth is so thick puts the noodles like a sauce, I personally like noodles, surely and kind of on the hard side. But if you like, you know medium noodles. I think this is a good place to go alright. So now let's try the pieces of pork. This is what it looks like it's good. It does taste like the actual broth itself, purely because it's been it's soaked admit. I'M now done with my run and I'm gon na give my final commentary outside, because there's a TV playing behind me

I don't know how loud it's being picked up by the mic, So let's just go out and it will have a chat about this bowl of ramen that I've finished all right. Let'S talk about the ball drummer that I just had a dog Chara CEO, genuinely think that they do a good bowl of ramen. If I didn't, I wouldn't be including it in this video, the one of the most well known aspects of their ramen is their broth and their broth is really really dense and really really you're.

Someone that enjoys a big breath in your ramen noodles, then by all means. I think that you actually really like this place. By that same token, if you don't like having a really thick broth in your Romans, then I don't think you'll like that place too much. That'S just what I think I hope you enjoyed this video. I know that there are a lot more amazing ramen here in Sydney that I didn't include in this video. If there's any that, I missed and you're completely mind blown at the fact that I didn't include it in this list. Please let me know in the comments below we'd like to apply to all right.