Become a Web Developer in 2021 (Legit Step By Step Guide)

Become a Web Developer in 2021 (Legit Step By Step Guide)

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One of the classes that i'm particularly interested in is the hand coding your first website, html and css basics original by rich armstrong, and i think this is perfect for building that basic foundation that you need to help. You move on to javascript and building your own websites on your own. The first 1000 people to click on the link in my description will get a free trial of skillshare premium. Once again, thank you skillshare for sponsoring this video, and i hope you all enjoyed the rest of this video. What is up youtube welcome to another video yo, the last two videos have been insane two videos ago i post about how it went from making thirty thousand dollars a year to close to three hundred thousand dollars a year.

You could go ahead, I'Ll, put the link description below if you wan na check it out and in the video prior to that. My last one in this video i literally just share a clip from my twitch highlights: i'm a streamer, i'm a full-time stream on twitch. You wan na check it out i'll put that link as well, but in that video i spoke about imposter syndrome and how causes people to be stuck in tutorial health, and i'm telling you this everyone

You do not want to be in that Stop Put i'll just link the description below if you want to check it out, but today something i'm very passionate about today. I want to talk about something in regards to. If i had to start over again, i've been a developer for almost five years now I feel like i'm, i i'm not at the peak of my career, but while i'm reaching it, i'm i'm reaching close to the peak of my career and hopefully not, but i Feel like I am right, and i want to make a video for all of you in regards to if i were to start learning code all over again, if i was to start over today like what is today's date.

Let me look at my computer today is march 12th. If i were to start over today in march 2021, how would i become a developer again? How would i learn code this time around? What would i do differently than when i was a developer a couple years ago now? As you know, i've been writing code professionally For close to half a decade now, and i have learned from a lot of mistakes. I'M still making mistakes i'm trying to learn from them, but as someone who's also pretty much made a career of inspiring people around the world and guiding people one at a time Into the industry. Yo imma tell you this. I know what it takes to get in it. I know what it takes to become a developer, every single person that i've mentored like that i've actually committed to every person so far, except the one person, i'm mentoring right now: who's mentoring to get into history. Right now, every person i personally did a one-to-one mentorship With has become a developer every single person. Now it's not that there's like a secret recipe to this

It'S not that my ideas, my thoughts, the way i process things the way i see things when it comes to learning how to become a developer. It'S not that my way is better than everyone else, but i think more than anything before i tell you how i would start over more than anything, it's about persistence and never giving up. I want to say this chat, i'm not talking to chad. I'M talking youtube. I'M so used to streaming now that 100 of the people who never give up in becoming a developer in america right will become a developer. But, and the same thing goes with, where 100 of the people that give up guess what they will never become a developer themselves, these people will never become a developer themselves. It is really about persistence. Now there are things you need to take into account. If you live in america, it helps to be able to speak english right. It really does. It helps to know some basic math. It helps if you know how to read why, because, as a developer, a lot of things that require us to do comes with reading

Honestly, a lot of the bugs that i create on my own are simply because i spell things incorrectly, because my grammar, my vocabulary sucks in general, so that kind of holds me back a little bit myself at least okay. That happens to me. So, of course, there are particular requirements you need. You need to know how to read. You know i don't need to know how to write. You know some basic math. You have to have some logic, that's true, but aside from that, as long as you have the persistence you can make it

So, let's get this right now If i was to start over today, What would i do differently than what i did five years ago? I want you all to know before i dive into this. I did not plan exactly what i would speak about. I did not outline my plan and how would do it, but this is generally just from my experience in mentoring, people today, okay, so number one. I noticed to go against my last video, but honestly i would get a basic tutorial. I think when it comes to code, you do not need to go to college right. Maybe it depends on what you want to do right. It depends on what kind of code you want to write, but, generally speaking, you don't not need to go to college to become a developer to work for facebook to work for google to work for netflix all these different companies, because i know a lot of self-taught Developers that work at all these companies who never went to college or don't even have a degree in anything in regards to software right, but the first thing i would do is that i would find a really good course, a place where i can learn code.

Just the basic stuff, so for me i would want to be a funny developer. I like front of development. I want to be front of developers, so the courses i would look for or anything in regards to learning, html, css and javascript. Anything like that whatsoever. Now i personally like treehouse, i would go to treehouse, i'm mentoring, my brother right now he's going through treehouse at this very moment. He studies three hours a day if he wants to live with me for free, that's what he has to do so he's going through a treehouse

So i would do the exact same thing. I would go to treehouse course, and i would finish that course like the goal is buy one course. That'S good, that's recommended by a lot of people finish that go through everything and then never go through a tutorial on html, css and javascript. Ever again, That is my idea of someone that can learn code very quickly. I will go through a basic course: learn: basic html, css and javascript. Now, aside from that, what i would do next, okay, let me give you a time frame. I would spend about maybe um, because this would be my first time learning code. I would spend about three months in that html, css and javascript go through that and then build whatever projects. They want me to build on there and then, after i finish that tutorial What i would do after that is okay, i learned all the stuff, but now, let's say i'm mentoring, myself, like chris, all right, that's good! You went through those courses, i'm testing you and making sure you understand and you retain what you learned.

If you didn't, then you start building stuff right, but i would mentor myself telling you these exact same things, and i would tell myself chris now. What i want you to do is build a landing that landing page that you built for treehouse that they asked you to build. Now i want you to rebuild that same landing page, but not using any of the videos that you use now just use google and stack overflow. Maybe you need to watch a five minute video on how to build a navbar. That'S totally fine, but don't go back to that. Treehouse tutorial go to youtube to figure out how to build that stuff. Maybe we need to remember how to write a click function, to write a for loop or something, but the goal is when you build something now rebuild that exact same thing, but this time do not use that tutorial.

Now build that same thing, just using google and things that you remember, because that is essentially what a developer does literally, no matter what new company you go to, no matter what your job is, you will not remember everything you learned in school or from the last Job there a lot of times when i was working at a company that i would look at code i made months ago to build something i need to build again today. So that's what you need to do rebuild that, but now using google, because that's what a developer does use. Google, if you don't remember something you use google, if you don't know how to build something. Use. Google for everything. Okay, stack overflow, whatever go in a discord, join my discord. Ask questions the hair, that's why i have my discord there. So that is what i would do. First, you just build something as simple as that now. What i would do next is that, after building this basic landing page, my next goal is okay. I built that landing page now as a front-end developer.

One thing we have to be good at and this is essential, making things mobile friendly so that exact landing page that i made copying whatever treehouse made, whatever design they had implement the same design using my code this time, instead of what they told me, then next, What i will do is i will make that website. Mobile friendly i'll make sure it looks good in the ipad make sure it looks good on desktop. I need to make sure that it looks good on your mobile device. It looks good on a big phone on an iphone 5 mini or whatever right, whatever phones they have now, the smallest phones out there make sure it looks good on the android makes. It looks good in safari, make sure it looks good on chrome make sure it looks good on my zf firefox all these different browsers, because this is what a front-end developer does and if you're able to do all this - and it sounds like a lot. But it's not as much as you think, but when you're able to do this one thing and put up that much effort to be that much more detailed in building just a landing page, i'm gon na tell you this

If you apply this tactic, when learning code, you will be 10 to 20 times better than any person going to treehouse for the first time learning code. For the first time, let's say, if you're, to stack yourself against 100 other people learning code at the same pace as you, but then you apply these tactics. This guide that i'm telling you to do i'ma tell you, because you're applying these different things, you're going to learn more things than all those people who went through all the treehouse courses, because there's a difference for someone that went through just a course a tutorial. Then someone who went through that tutorial and immediately tried to apply what they learned to do that. That is very important. So that's what i would do personally.

Secondly, after i build that landing page, i'm gon na push it live. I'M gon na put out my portfolio. I'M gon na buy a real which i bought, so none of you can buy that put that website on there and just say this is my first website. Your portfolio does not have to look amazing at all whatsoever, then, after that, what i would do next. I would look at what is demand in my area now react. Js is in demand everywhere everywhere. I feel like learning reaction. Yes, is the way to get a job in the industry, the way to get your foot in the door as soon as possible. Right

But one thing to note that i realized not too long ago. I mean i did realize this, but it is more important now than ever. Is that you have to look at what's in the band in your area too, like is angular in demanding area is vgs in demand in your area? Is it react? Yes? Is it Celcius? Is it learning sas less? Is it tailwind? Do you need to learn a little bit of php so we'll go on to that a little bit later, but you need to research what's in your area, but one thing about the world we live in today Is that almost everyone in this industry works remote? Not everyone, but a lot more than before a lot more. My job i got laid off from remote work. The java got after that remote work. There was a company that didn't want me to work remote. I said no thank you. Then i got a better job right now, my new job, i'm a new developer relations, engineer for a new relic

My job is just making youtube videos and stream on twitch. Sorry, i'm a full-time streamer, so check out the link description below. I appreciate it. So all these new positions are down to their current positions are remote. So now i feel like now more than ever is the time to really dive into this career as a developer, because you have more access to more positions in the world today, Simply because everyone's remote now you're not just stuck to your city. If you live in the middle of nowhere guess what you can get a job in silicon valley, you could get a job in new york in florida wherever these tech bubbles are. You could get a Job in another country, because everyone's remote now and everyone's learning how to work remote and manage a company while working wrong.

So guess what Now you have an advantage that i didn't even have five years ago, where now you can get a job anywhere as long as you're willing to put in the hard work so again, anyway, again, what i would do is look at what framework js Library to learn, I would personally learn reactor yes, because the jobs out there, the opportunities are insane everywhere, Even if it's not popular in your city, maybe you want to work in a building than yeah, then look for whatever framework's popular in your city.

That'S what i would do next, I would go through a react.js tutorial course now. My goal is: i do not want to be tutorial health. That is very important that you do not do that right, like i said in my last video, so i'll go through with tutorial and react to yes go through that tutorial. Learn it once and then again i'll. Do the exact same thing, which is build something and react to? Yes? Maybe there was a project they had in there or now? Oh no. This would be a good idea, the page, the website i built in html, css and javascript from treehouse. Now i would rebuild that same thing in react.js: oh, that's, a good idea and maybe i'll add some different functionality, but this time, when i'm done learning through that tutorial, i would spend a month on this tutorial - maybe less hopefully two to three weeks right. What i would do is that, yes, i would go that tutorial and never go back to it, but then again use google and documentation and stack overflow to build this website in reactor

Yes, you will get stuck, you will get frustrated, that's totally fine, That'S part of being a developer. What developer, who is working in the industry today does not get frustrated writing code. Not one person that i know of it is always frustrating, even if you've been coding for a long time, because there are just things that you just problems come up and you don't know how to solve it, so you have to figure it out. That is exactly what i would do now to help me get a job. Industry is faster right. After this i would potentially like

Maybe i would look for a designer to look at my website like hey. I need to make this website look better. I would hire a ui ux designer to build. My website make it look more beautiful, because the better your website looks the more attractive. Your resume looks right. Your skill set showing that okay, this person has some talent, so that's very important, but anyway, aside from that, but what i would do, after that, to be honest, is start applying the jobs, that's it and, while i'm applying jobs rather than waiting for the time that I think that i'm a really good developer, because that will never happen rather waiting for when i'll be a really good developer, because you won't until your experience in the industry, while i'm now developing my skill on top of html css, javascript and reactor. Yes learning. Maybe new languages like php or learning sql or learning to be better at the terminal right uh how to commit things to github and etc. These different things, what i would do right after learning, react.js and building that website and react start applying their jobs literally after four months of coding, start applying the jobs because, after if you apply what i'm telling you to apply right now, your skill set the way That you'll be able to explain how you wrote your code better than anyone else just going through tutorials and not trying to build something right after learning.

Something you'll be able to explain your project so much better you'll be able to explain the things that you build Better than the average person because you're putting that much more effort in those small details, that's what i would do now. One thing, i think, is the most important part out of everything. I just said the most important thing that i think everyone needs to do is document your journey. Please believe me when i say this: every person that i know that's documented a journey while unicode that i personally know: okay, who's documented a journey while learning code got a job a lot easier than everyone else, the people i know that got a job they applied, But like they applied some positions, some people didn't even have to apply to these positions, but the reason that people found out who these aspiring developers are is because they posted a journey on twitter. The journey on instagram on tiktok

Why? Because that shows your passion for code? Does it not the fact that you're explaining your journey by detail on a daily, if not every other day, if not weekly basis, you're sharing with the world? What you're learning What you've learned from your mistakeable mistakes? You'Re learning from companies that are hiring you'll see that stuff they're like alright. I get to see more of this person's personality. I know my friend lee leanne. She got a job. The one of the reasons that helped her get this job in the first place is because she documented a journey she's, a mom of two okay she's married she's, 32 years old she's a year younger than me. So i'm like a little old. But after just five months alone, called mentoring, her and my other friend helping mentoring her as well in reactions and all this different stuff, because i'm not good at react. Js

Yet she got a job in five months: Child codes yo. He got a job in one year. I'M telling you this man. He made more than double what i earned as a junior developer. His job that he's working at right now pays him bang than what i earned four to five years ago As a junior developer, and they found him through social media. It'S just easier that way, because that gives them a way to see who you are as a person. I promise you will help you so much everyone there's so much more. I can talk about, but i don't want to make this as detailed

If you want to really see a really detailed example, you could check out my other video on how i i would become a developer in six months, but you can check that out. I'M not gon na go too much in detail, but that's what i would do differently this time. Around html css javascript go through a course whether if it's treehouse or whatever, whatever you want to do and then again what you learn at a course but rebuild it. Using google stack overflow whatever and then i'll move on to reactor, yes and whatever after i finish that tutorial on react.js and the goals are finished as quickly as possible, because you'll never retain anything anyway. Although your goal is to make sure you understand what you're learning i will rebuild what i learned from treehouse that landing page and rebuilt that reactor yes, then i would hire a designer to help build a nice design for the portfolio i have to make it look Better make it look like it's my own. Now, if you need a designer, you can hit me up by no one yeah, that's what i would do differently.

Everyone - that's what i would do today and i can guarantee that by doing this, i would get a job in six to nine months tops if i was to start again today. I know that that would happen anyway. I hope you all liked this video. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below i'm gon na respond to every single comment. As soon as i can um and if you can do everyone well, it really helped me a lot if you could like this video - and one thing i want to talk about before i end. This video is that i am streaming three times a week, but two times a day every morning, every evening on twitch, that is my full-time job, i'm a full-time content creator, full-time youtuber, full-time streamer. So if you want to check me out i'll, put the link to my twitch below and i'd really appreciate, if any of y'all would say hello, i love you all thanks for watching. This is krishan