Alright, hey what is up guys, I am out in Paradise, Valley, Arizona. You guys can see here, I'm out kind of like looking at some big big mansions. The camera person can actually see, but I'm actually gon na be out here asking. Obviously, these people are probably millionaires or they just don't know how to manage their money, but I'm gon na be talking and going around to every single house trying to find people, one that are actually home and two people that are willing to give me business advice. I know you guys are probably always interested what do these people do, that live in homes like this? I was interested

I thought I'd make a YouTube video out of it just for honestly, my personal benefit, but obviously I want to share the experience with you guys as well stuff. We stick around at the end of the video I'm gon na have a bunch of bloopers. I'Ve already done a couple, there's some funny funny reactions you guys will not want to miss so at the end of the video I'll put those there, but right now, I'm gon na put the the probably or two or three really good reactions that I have of People I already have one really good one, so definitely stick around. If you do enjoy the video I'd appreciate. If you hit the like and subscribe button, you guys know what to do.

Show your love show the support and if you guys want to see more videos like this, let me know in the comment section down below. I need to know you guys like these videos, if you don't like them. Let me know as well, but I can go out here - probably get another five. Six really cool reactions, cuz, the guy that I already talked to really really good, not gets really cool, interesting story. He had so I appreciate you guys being here and let's get right into it. , hi how's it going are you? Are you the owner of the home yeah? My name is Kish

I was driving by I love driving by this neighborhood. You have a great house and I actually teach people how to make money for 11. So I always I'm interested with what people do for a living to be able to afford places like this. So I just want to see what you do for a living come Peter, that's crazy, that's crazy and now you're in something like this right. That'S crazy! Oh Congrats! That'S awesome! I'M like if there's any like one piece of advice to give I'm 23 years old. I just started my own company. I do like cell phone repairs and stuff like that. Definitely like advice or something financially like what should I invest my money and theirs yeah? How did you scale your business? Is it just like time was it kind of? It was just time any financial advice.

Should I invest in real estate, you think, or what do you think? No, I think for you as young as you are yeah, I'm sure I'm not gon na do the same thing forever, but I work yeah. Well, my name is ketch yeah nice to meet you, sir, a broken arm. Yeah! It'S nice meeting! You man have a good one, nice house, so how's it going. My name is Keisha. I was just driving by this. I loved driving through this neighborhood and I actually run a YouTube channel where I teach people basically how to make money. So I was kind of going around seeing what people in a house like this end up doing for a living to get to this point. Yeah yeah I'd love to hear about it. Yeah. Thank you! That'S nice! Outside huh, my name is John Bush. Catch nice to meet you yeah last name is Flo. Oh no. I just have a cash flow t-shirt.

I made you know there now it's great March or whatever, but yeah. I was interested to see what you do from Marriott the franchisee, oh wow. That means is a. I have the franchise for certain areas in the United States or I can build just about anywhere. I want right and I build and own their hotels, really yeah how long you've been in that kind of business. Oh thirty years, thirty years, how do you even get into that? Well, I started out myself