A Powerful Secret to Unlocking Your Potential | Jordan Peterson

A Powerful Secret to Unlocking Your Potential | Jordan Peterson

Okay, so I figured something out that I thought I'd tell you about this took me like thirty years to figure out, and I figured it out on this tour. So there's this old idea. You know that you have to rescue your father from the belly of the whale right from some monster. That'S deep in the abyss. You see that Pinocchio, for example, but it's a very common idea and I figured out why that is. I think so imagine that we already know from a clinical perspective that you know if you set out a path towards a goal which you want to do, because you need a goal and you need a path, because that provides you with positive emotion right. So you set up something as valuable, so that implies a hierarchy you set up. Something is valuable. You decide that you're gon na do that, instead of other things, so that's kind of a sacrifice because you're sacrificing everything else to pursue that. And then you experience a fair bit of positive emotion and meaning, as you watch yourself, move towards the goal, and so the implication of that is that the better the goal, the the more full enrich your experience is going to be when you pursue it.

So that's one of the reasons of that's one of the reasons for developing a vision and for fleshing yourself out philosophically, because you want to aim at the highest goal that you can manage. Okay, so you do that and then what you'll find is that, as you move towards the goal, there are certain things that that that you have to accomplish that frighten you, you know. Maybe you have to learn to be a better speaker or a better writer or a better thinker. You have to be better to people around you or you have to learn some new skills and you're afraid of that whatever, because it's going to stretch you if you, if you pursue a goal and it's and so that'll put you up against challenges. Okay, so all the clinical data indicates or the opposite of safe spaces as Jonathan Hite has been pointing out that what you want to do when you identify something that someone is avoiding, that they need to do because they're afraid you have them voluntary, Colin Tara, Lee Confronted and so you break it down what you try to do, if you're a behavior therapist, is you break down the thing they're avoiding into smaller and smaller pieces? Until you find a piece, that's small enough, so they'll do it and it doesn't really matter as long as they start it.

You know, then they can put the next piece on in the next piece and what happens is they don't get less afraid exactly? They get braver, they get big, it's like there's more of them and you can and here's why. So you do something new and that's informative, right, there's information in the action and then you can incorporate that information and turn it into a skill and turn it into a transformation of your perceptions. So there's more to you because you've tried something new. So that's one thing, but the second thing is and there's good biological evidence for this.

Now that, if you put yourself in a new situation, then new genes code for new proteins and build new neural structures and new nervous system structures, same thing happens to some degree When you workout right, because your your muscles are responding to the load. But your nervous system does that too. So you imagine that there's a lot of potential you locked in your genetic code and then, if you put yourself in a new situation, then then the stress - that's, the situational stress that's produced by that particular situation, unlocks those genes and then builds new parts of you And so that's very cool, because who knows how much there is locked inside of you? Ok! So now here's the idea. So, let's assume that that scales as you take on heavier and heavier loads, that more and more of you, you get more and more informed because you're doing more and more difficult things, but more and more of you gets unlocked.

And so then, what that would imply is that if you got to the point where you could look at the darkest thing, so that would be the abyss right. That would be the deepest abyss. If you could look at the harshest things like the most brutal parts of the suffering of the world and the malevolence of people and society, if you could look that look at that straight and and directly that that would turn you on maximally. And so that's the idea of rescuing your father because imagine that you're, like the potential composite of all your all the ancestral wisdom - that's locked inside of you biologically, but that's not going to come out at all unless you stress yourself, unless you, unless you challenge yourself And the bigger the challenge you take on the more that's going to turn on and so that, as you take on a broader and broader range of challenges, and you push yourself harder, then more and more of what you could be turns on and that's equivalent to Transforming yourself into the ancestral father and to all because you're you're, like the