9 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated - When you Have NO Motivation (At All) ☀️

9 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated - When you Have NO Motivation (At All) ☀️

In this video, I want to talk about nine ways to be productive when you have like zero motivation to do a single thing. Mainly this video is gon na, be like little hacks that you can try to do to get yourself up and get yourself moving and doing things. So one of these first ways that I use to smoke motivation when I have none of it available is to use, and I can't condition so for me this is, I can't watch TV eat snacks read my book until I clean the kitchen, send the email finish. The video plan - this is about like stepping back and having a little bit of a mindful moment, deep, breathe in deep, breathe out and not letting yourself do the next mindless thing and that you feel like doing until you finish. What needs to be done. Boredom is really motivating, especially when you're in like an unmotivated rut, kind of vibe your mind will be seeking entertainment and, if you're liking re to bad. You cannot get that entertainment until you do this thing.

It'Ll, Take you a second but you'll get up and you'll do the thing. The next one is a little bit of a perspective shift, and it's one that I like to think that a lot of adults do with ease like I feel, like my mom. Has this down Pat and that's why she just always has things together and is always able to motivate herself, and it is thinking about your future happiness. So, once again, it's a little bit of a perspective shift literally like sit there envision you tomorrow, you've done it! The things that you wanted to do picture how much better you were going to feel because you did those things put yourself at the end of the Day, patting yourself on the back feeling it so forth in grade, because you did the things that you wanted to Do even though you didn't bloody, feel like it like good on you, I think that thinking about future you as a person thinking about present you, which is usually the state of mind that you're in, is a really good way to shift your perspective once again.

But I think it should also be accompanied by something that's a little bit more actionable so pick another tip in this video to pair it with to make it work. So when you're feeling absolutely no motivation, something that I personally like to do is be a bit of a self coach, and I do that by yelling at myself and telling myself next actions to take that. I so doable that it's embarrassing. If I didn't do it like, I will literally talk the next action out loud, be like okay, Michelle, like open the book put the plate on the bench, pick up the plate. If you talk the next action step out loud to yourself, what to the room - and you make it so very small that it would be crazy for you not to do it, you are far more likely to do it. You don't want to be saying like okay, Michelle, like write the paper, you want to be saying: okay, Michelle get yourself up from the couch and walk over and sit at the computer chair

That'S your first little baby step, we're all about the power of momentum Like you. Firstly, you just need to get yourself up and moving, and then you ride on that momentum wave and so that little baby action is gon na help you to get that momentum started and keep on doing that until you feel like you're at a point Where you Can kind of motivate yourself fingers crossed that you get there if not have a nap? The next way to get yourself motivated when you're lacking on motivation, is to use the five-second rule.

So Mel Robbins is the person who created the five-second rule, So the five-second rule, essentially all it is, is counting down in your head, so 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then getting yourself up and taking action. The way that she explains it is that if you have an impulse to act, you must physically take action within 5 seconds. Otherwise your brain will kill the idea. It requires a lot more energy to start than to keep on going and that's where the five-second rule comes into play full with yourself to take action within those 5 seconds and get started, then you can continue riding on that way. Next one is similar to the five-second rule, because it's all about in getting started, and it is around setting a timer so setup on the door like 20 minutes 10 minutes whatever it feels the most doable for you even 5 minutes even 1 minute.

I set mine shockingly on my google home back here. I know a lot of you. Guys are serious people, so you can also yell at your Siri just at a timer as soon as you set the timer start doing that thing for that allotted period of time and you'll find it you'll get to a point, you'll be like ok, I kind of Want to continue doing this, the next video yourself motivated is to watch someone else being productive. The YouTube is an amazing place. If you are feeling unmotivated, you are in luck. If you want to clean it, you can just search clean with me.

Videos on YouTube, If you want to study study with me videos, if you want to do life admin, I have a whole playlist of life admin videos. There are so many videos where you can just watch people doing the thing that you want to motivate yourself to do, and I promise you that watching them won't be motivating. Because I get comments all the time on videos. But tell me like hey thanks and making this video I got up and I cleaned my whole room and I finally opened a bank account or whatever it may be, so find a video of someone else doing the thing that you want to do and use it To motivate yourself, I will have my life, a bandeau videos listed below

If you want some inspiration for life admin, The next thing that I'm gon na talk about is mainly its likable. If what you're dealing with is more procrastination, so if you're struggling with procrastination, use a similar technique to the icon condition, but switch it up a little bit so instead of I can't watch Netflix until I finished the paper turn that into well. If I won't finish the paper, if I won't get up and do that thing then too bad like I'm gon na - have to do a seven minute workout. So when you do this, your procrastinator line is going to be happy because you basically just gave it permission. Not to do the thing, but you still have to workout for seven minutes if you've done the seven minute workout before, like it's a good workout, considering it's like seven minutes like it gets your heart pumping and it's also one of the best ways to give yourself.

Like a rush of energy and motivation because walking out, it's just always going to do that so once you've actually done your seven-minute workout and you can ease your way into it, like start just very sluggishly, you're, probably in a non made-up motivated zone, so you don't Feel like working out start in your PJs and start like stripping off as you arrived on that before do whatever you can to make sure that you actually start the workout. Don'T give yourself like a bunch of toss that you do to get ready for the workout, because otherwise it's just not going to happen and by the end of it you're going to feel far more energy than you did before and fingers crossed

Then you can take that energy ride, that energy and start using it to do the thing that you actually need to be doing the next way to get yourself motivated to do. The thing is to turn off your phone or unplug your TV or unplug, whatever electronics, it is that constantly are distracting you having your phone switched off and nearby is like the number one way to keep you distracted and to keep you from doing the thing that You need to be doing once again. This is all about boredom. So, like boring yourself into doing the thing that you need to do, if you don't have access to your phone, usually it's like the number one thing that is keeping you entertained, but if you don't have it available to you, you'll get to a point where you'll Be like okay, fine, like I'll just do the thing I guess I have nothing else to do next up is replacing can't with warrant sorry. I heard this from Murray folio on her podcast with Amy Porterfield, really stuck with me. So when you're sitting there and you're thinking like oh like I can't write this purse because I'm just not motivated enough or I can't upload this Instagram or I can't work on my music because I'm not motivated to do it.

Just try replacing can't with warrant because the reality is, and it sounds really harsh but like you could you were absolutely capable of getting yourself motivated 110 percent. I have nothing but faith in you and most of the time it is a matter of. I won't write because I don't feel motivated not, and I can't write because I don't feel motivated. I won't a fine so long as you acknowledge that they exist and you're not hiding behind an icon, because most of the time you can you might find that today is an I won't day, and that happens and that's alright. Everybody needs days when they rebelled against their to-do list like a thousand and ten percent. If you liked this video, you might like my video on six things that you need to do if you're feeling overwhelmed. So, if you're, finding your unmotivated because you're like procrastinating, because you have so much to do - I feel like that would be a good video to kick.