7 Psychological TRICKS to Get a Girl to Chase YOU!

7 Psychological TRICKS to Get a Girl to Chase YOU!

, gentlemen, about today's video. I I'm about to share with you some incredibly powerful psychological tricks to make a woman chase. You gon na promise me promise me you're not going to use these tricks for evil. If you agree and will promise me one of these, you sure, okay, gentlemen, today I am sharing with you, seven secrets: seven tricks to get a girl to chase you first psychological trick to have a girl chase. You is put her ass in the friendzone as a dude, there's, nothing worse than being put in the friendzone, even if you're not like super into the girl. You still want her to be attracted to you, and the friendzone basically means that this person does not find you sexually appealing. Pretty girls, however, are never put in the friendzone, because every dude she knows wants to jump her bones. But if you can resist the urge to tell her how pretty she is, how amazing she is and flirt and be all like awkward and weird right, because this is what every other dude does instead you're just kind of normal, and you treat her like one of The dudes this is going to drive her crazy because she has a difficult time: wrapping her beautiful brain around the fact that there's a dude who is heterosexual, who does not want to hump her leg, but do not let her hump your leg.

Not yet you got a you got to make it work, build it up a little bit, bringing us the second trick to make her chase the hell. Out of you ask her about a cute friend, hey Janice, how you doing hey good to see you. So did you have a good weekend? That'S great hey! So I was wondering tell me a little bit about Brenda. The Sun in Janice's head starts. Spinning she's like wait. A second wait, a second Brenda's, never the one that gets the attention. That'S me, I'm the one. I'M the hot one, not Brenda Brenda's, just like kinda average sort of cute, maybe a six and I'm a solid nine and a half right. She can't even like wrap her little brain around the fact that you would be interested in her less than hot friend, be ready for her brain to explode. Then say to her just say: they say: there's just something about her ha ha, but you got ta, be cool, you can't be all freaking out and, like I think, it's working in a no gentlemen, calm yourself, because what happens next is amazing, and this goes to Brendan tells her hey, you know who was asking about you and then Brenda's like worn to hearing the news that you think she's like something she's, not really sure what cuz you didn't exactly say, which is part of the psychological warfare.

That'S going on she freaks out because you were totally out of her league in her mind, Brenda's gon na be blowing up your bones. She'S gon na beat slide into your DMS because Brenda's, like I'm, not missing out on this opportunity and whether or not you hook up with Brendan is up to you. I'M not saying you should I'm not saying you shouldn't, but just know that if you do it's gon na get back to Janice and if you do then Janice is probably never going to sleep with you, because if you actually go through with hooking up with her Less than hot friend, all of a sudden like Janice, is like yo, I'm not Brenda, sloppysecondz third trick to get her to chase. You is reinvent yourself physically. What I'm talking about is give yourself a mini makeover, go and get a fresh cut, go out shop and get yourself a badass bomber jacket or a leather jacket, or some dynamite jeans, some chelsea boots, I'm bracing and channeling your inner bad boy.

Now it may be that you have a solid five-year plan and are going to be super successful, which we'll talk about in a second. But right now you need to look like a bad decision, because women don't chase nice guys they chase dudes that look mysterious, dark, edgy and sexy as long as your skin is sexy and the only way your skin is going to be

Sexy is, if you check out T's handling one of the easiest ways to enhance your handsome is to start taking care of your skin every single day. Every single one of you should be doing four things every single day in order to have the most amazingly handsome skin possible every day. You need to wash your face twice a day in the morning in the night. Washing your face removes all the dirt, the grime that builds up over the day, but you need to be using a face wash that is designed for your face, because the skin on your body is different, it's thicker and so a bar soap that works. Okay. On your body isn't going to work on your face to dry and strip all the good, essential oils and nutrients and amazingness out of your skin, and that is why the Tia Handley wash is so incredible. It'S mild, it's gentle, it cleans, but it leaves all the good stuff twice a week you to exfoliate your face with a mild exfoliating scrub.

You do not want to use a washcloth and just start scrubbing your face. This will damage your skin. Instead, you need something. That'S gentle. The tea shanlee scrub is amazing. We use apricot seed along with menthol after you use it. Your face is cool, tingly and feels refreshed, and then every day you need to moisturize in the morning and in the evening, that's it for products for steps. It is that simple that uncomplicated guys, there's a link down below to T's handling all those products come in the level one skin care system. But for those of you who are a little bit older, you might want to go level two which comes with an anti-aging eye, cream or level three, which comes with the eye cream, along with the anti-aging serum, to make it even easier guys. Every system comes with this: it's an instruction card that tells you what time of day, to use what product in what order, how much and there's even a phone number and an email address, if you guys have any skincare questions, it's like they handsome this hotline, guys

I'M one of the founders of T Shanley, and because of this I can offer you a better deal than you're gon na find anywhere else anywhere else online, any other influencer and right now guys, while supplies last we've got an incredible offer for you. It is my job to help you look and feel as amazing as possible, and T Shanley is going to help you get there guys hit that link, grab a system, make yourself more handsome and get those senoritas that chase you today. Thinking of locking the fourth trick to get her to chase, you is look more exciting on social media, two types of dudes that don't get chased, douches and dudes on social media. That look boring, and so you need to make sure that the pictures you're posting don't make you look like a douche. You also need to look more exciting now in order to look more exciting chances are you're gon na need to step outside of your box. A little bit and do different things you can also just post like on social media like Facebook, like yo, go into the game or having a good time or going like it just makes you look like you,

Do things you're more exciting and this is attractive, but five is a be more successful. There'S a direct correlation between success and attraction. I'M not saying you got to make zillions of dollars, I'm not saying you need to drive a Bugatti, but if you are somebody who is sitting on the couch playing video games versus somebody who's going, maybe going to school working a second job out afraid of hard Work you're out there making it happen and here's the thing. This is viewed as incredibly attractive because the majority of dudes out there are viewed as lazy little boys right. So now we're kind of like done with games.

Now it's all about you, letting her know that yo, you are thinking that she's attractive without being a creepy weirdo. The sixth tip is let her catch. You looking at her ever looking at her is an absolute horrible strategy. It makes you look totally uninteresting her catch. You looking at her not staring looking glancing right, here's a here's, a glance, let her let her pet you when she catches you when she sees you she's, like oh, the first time might be an accident, the second time, not sure, but the third time undeniable. She knows that you're interested, but it's at this precise moment that you stop looking at her only three times and then, when you get up to leave, you might want to go by and just kind of look at her smirk smile, say hello, how you doing and Walk by you don't engage her. It'S all about developing a little bit of tension and banter