5 Ways to Deal with Insomnia | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra | The Yoga Institute

5 Ways to Deal with Insomnia | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra | The Yoga Institute

Namaskar welcome back to this, how to deal with mental health series very common problem, which we face all the time and very often in life is difficulty, in, sleeping and, that is insomnia now there could be many reasons tension and high tension in life tension in relationship Those electronic things watching very commonly trying to see that life is running smoothly, but there are lots of difficulties. So all these things are naturally going to cause difficulty in sleep.

So we have to learn to see that we sleep really well so today we will discuss five ways to deal with insomnia number one prepare yourself for a good sleep, and here you have to do certain things like before sleeping at least three hours before you should Eat food see to it that at least one hour before you finish all the nights try and see that you stop watching movies and all these electronic things try to see that your thinking has some good substance and not the tension and anxiety.

So read something very nice which would help you to calm yourself down help you to think better. Second point is diet. Food. We should know that as the food, so the mind if mind is not so comfortable, food has to be taken care of, and so a simple easily digestible food like khichdi, like varieties of soups, could be one of a very good meal of dinner

After that, when you are sleeping - and if you are hungry, then you have banana or you have hot milk with haldi. Third very important point is that you should schedule your worry time. All of us have some or other worries no in life, but then you can't think about worry at night before going to bed. So it's better that you do the worrying time before lunch finish all that in the morning and then the solution time could be at the time of dinner after dinner, find out the solution, what you are going to do action plan. So these are the ways in which you should handle your mind. Fourth point breath and mind they go together. So if you can control your breath, you will be able to manage your mind. So here is one pranayama called as chandra bhedan pranayam. So now close, your eyes inhale from your left, nostril and exhale from your right. Nostril again inhale from your left, nostril exhale from your right nostril go on doing this, and this cycle will slowly slowly make your mind to calm down

You will not be able to think, because you are focusing on your breath. Another thing when you lie down. You have done this now. You lie down fold your knee and then keep your one hand on your abdomen, concentrate on your breathing so inhale. Your abdomen goes up and exhale and your abdomen goes down go on doing this. These pranayamas would really help you to keep away from all tension and worry and focus on yourself. Fifth point asanas, some asanas. I would strongly recommend for sleep. One is bhadrasana, so here you are lying down, folding your legs, bringing them towards your body and staying in that position for some time it really helps releasing pressure and tension at back level

Kidney level. Second asana is shashankasan, where you are sitting in vajrasana position in your bed, spreading your legs away and then bending forward, throwing your body in front stretch your arms also in front and relax in that position. Here you are giving gentle pressure to your stomach, so any gases or all that which can bother you would be settled down. So these i would strongly recommend when person is having difficulty in sleep, so try take care of yourself and i'm sure, when mind takes over everything goes on well, so we will come back again on this coming friday with a new topic as to five ways to Deal with fatigue till then stay tuned with us, the yoga institute for a happy and healthy life, , namaste,